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Your Health Is Your Wealth

Updated: Jun 4

fruits and vegetables

What does health have to do with leadership? Everything! Without good health, you will not be able to do much else. I have decided to dedicate this issue to "Your health is your wealth."

I have recently posted several images and videos on my social media platforms to encourage my followers to prioritize their health. When I was diagnosed in 2021, I began to take a serious look at my diet. Thankfully, my medical team introduced me to a practice called integrative medicine, which is where your diet becomes a big part of your recovery and helps to prevent you from coming back with the same or worse issues.

 On my list of things to eat were many items I never considered before. Items like shitake, oyster, lion's mane, and turkey tail mushrooms. If you google the health benefits of these mushrooms, you will be amazed at the nutritional benefits to your body. I was also told to incorporate more Omega 3 foods like salmon and mackerel, spices like turmeric, and beverages like green tea. Of course, I was also told to increase my fruit and vegetable daily intake significantly.

 I decided to make gradual changes, and my hubby joined me. I began seeing the benefits quickly and have continued making these changes for the past three years.

a pot with mushrooms, curry, and onions

I recently made the above dish with oyster mushrooms, bell peppers, onion, garlic, turmeric, and curry powder sauteed in extra virgin olive oil and coconut cream. It's delicious! You can use lion's mane mushrooms instead of oysters for a meatier taste. If you contact me at, I can send you the PDF containing the anti-inflammatory food plan my integrative doctor gave me.

One of the things my integrative doctor told me was to become best friends with green tea. Again, when you Google green tea's health benefits, you will see it is one of the most potent antioxidants. Consider swapping out one or two cups of coffee daily for a cup or two of green or matcha tea. I use decaffeinated green tea to reduce caffeine consumption.

green tea in cups

If you struggle with eating fruits and veggies like I did, juice them! This juice below consisted of red beets, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, ginger, turmeric, and strawberries. It gave me a massive boost of energy. Beets have many health benefits, including reducing blood pressure, improving athletic performance, and improving heart health. These ingredients reduce inflammation, one of the major causes of diseases.

A ninja blender with beet juice

In addition to eating better, it is essential to exercise regularly, combining cardio and strength training. For the ultimate best day experience, begin your day with prayer and meditation. This latter practice will shape your mind, focus, and attitudes, empowering you to lead yourself and your team effectively.

So, what does health have to do with leadership? Everything. We cannot physically, mentally, or spiritually pour from an empty cup.

Let me know in your comments if you found any value in this post👇🏽


About the Author: Sharon Gill is the Principal of Sharon Gill International, a purpose-centered leadership development company that helps executives and managers lead their best. As an executive leadership coach, I combine a unique blend of corporate experience and faith-based insights. I help leaders excel professionally and align their leadership style with deeper values and beliefs. If you seek purpose-centered leadership that merges success with spiritual growth, contact me at

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