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Our team is ready to serve your next event with virtual or live presentations of the following topics:

  • The elements of purpose-centered leadership. 
  • Creating a superhero culture in your business or organization.
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome.
  • Launching or growing a successful personal or business brand. 
  • Creating an executive presence.
  • Incorporating your faith in your business.
  • Launching and growing a community service organization. 
  • Empowering women in business
  • Developing thriving teams.
  • Creating a killer online executive presence.

Upcoming Events



Past  Events 

Live Appearances 

Walking in Victory Conference: Keynote speaker and Conference Founder

Empower Conference, Fort Lauderdale: Keynote Speaker

Evolution Conference, Boston: Keynote Speaker

ASCO Memphis: Keynote Speaker

Pink October Conference, Delray Beach:
Keynote Speaker,

Broadcast Appearances 

Preach Where You Reach: Podcast Guest

The Priority Paradigm: Sharon Gill: Six-Figure CEO Resigns To Feed The Homeless.

Linkedin Live: Season 1: #FaithSunday With Shanee Moret & Sharon Gill.

Linkedin Business Show: Season 3 #InItTogetherwithwayneandsharongill. 

Moody Radio, South Florida. Mornings With Eric & Brigitte: Discussion: God Help Me I'm Stressed - How To Beat Back Stress In A Pandemic. 

Virtual  Presentations  
Palm Beach County, Florida School District: Is Your Organization Ready For The Next Level?  
SheRock - Women's Empowerment: Building a Growth Strategy And Personal Development Plan. 
Maharashtra National University, India: Global Panel Discussion. Mental Health Matters. 

In Conversation With A Thought Leader: Sharon Gill On The Power Of Purpose-Centered Leadership. 

Watch Sharon on PlumbTalk TV
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