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Sharon is a master coach, strategist, and quantum change agent at Sharon Gill International.  She specializes in building organizations from the ground up. For more than 20 years, Sharon has leveraged values-based leadership principles to enable fast-growth organizations to identify, nurture and accomplish purpose-centered visions. Sharon works with your leadership team to craft and execute organizational visions and strategies where team members are developed and empowered, creativity and innovation are released, and the organization’s most treasured goals are met or exceeded.

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Meet Wayne 

Wayne is the CEO, General Counsel, and a business strategist at Sharon Gill International. His passion is to help organizations scale by developing high-performance leaders and high-impact growth strategies.  He is a former equity partner and an architect of one of the largest legal conglomerates in the country.  He works with your leaders and teams to prepare them to rise to the challenges of the twenty-first century, such as employee retention, remote-work environments, and leading through rapid change.  

Meet Sharon 

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Coaching For Executives & Senior Leaders 

The vision, direction, and outcomes experienced by your organization will be largely affected by the preparedness of your executive and senior team leadership.


In the past 18 to 24 months, organizations have struggled to understand and then to transcend the unique challenges posed by the global pandemic such as The Great Resignation and the demand for remote and hybrid work solutions.  


Our coaches at Sharon Gill International are prepared to come alongside your senior leadership team to face these challenges and to design answers to help your team own the twenty-first century. 


Team Coaching  

Your organization is only as strong as its weakest link. When teams fail to row in the same direction, or toward the same goals, dysfunctions can set in. Which, in turn, can have long-lasting effects across the larger organization.  

However, team incongruity can often signal an opportunity to address lurking issues, train up underperformers, and raise up new leaders.


The Sharon Gill International team specializes in aiding your team to identify the areas of weakness; not to simply point them out, but to insert strategies and tactics to create a winning team culture. 

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Organizational Strategic Coaching  

Organizations that will win the twenty-first century are ones that set out to do so intentionally.  No longer can organizations sit back with an expectation that clients, donors, stakeholders, and opportunities will come to them.


Winning organizations must decide to own the future. This is very possible, but it requires becoming granular about the company's vision, mission, values, and strategies.  This is the realm of high-level strategic planning and implementation.


Sharon Gill International is equipped to walk with your team through the steps of creating a strategic vision and plan that clearly differentiates you in the marketplace.  

Life Coaching  

Regardless of your leadership position, you bring your entire self to work. At times it feels as if there’s a work life, a home life, a spiritual life, and perhaps many other compartments.

But the truth is that you have one life, and to experience true meaning and success on your own terms, you must be intentional about creating the life you want. There are seasons when you need some guidance to help you integrate those compartments into a whole person who shows up at your best.


This may require a mindset shift; identifying and discarding old scripts that no longer serve you. It may require working on your self-confidence or time management skills to help you become unstuck. Whatever your need, Sharon Gill International is here to help you experience your best life.

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Sharon’s workshop exceeded The Office of Diversity in Business Practices expectations, and our expectations were high. All the participants learned actionable steps to improve their business and health, we welcome having her back!

Dicky Sykes,

Director of Diversity

Palm Beach School District

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I have worked over the past two+ years with Sharon Gill as she’s been leading our staff development efforts.

I have seen Sharon’s expertise and wisdom in countless situations. I highly recommend Sharon Gill as an excellent and professional development coach!

Thaddeus Fennig,

Senior Pastor

704 Church

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When COVID hit, I saw coaching as a tool to make sure that my team was OK. I hired Sharon for each team member in my company in addition to having her as my personal coach. it has been the best investment I have made!


Megan Van Petten,

Founder/Managing Partner

Esports Trade Assn


Does Your Team Know The Difference?

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Can it be covered in a 2-4 hour workshop? Then let's discuss it. Together, we can create the program you need. No more. No less!


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Your Board of Directors is the key to your organization's future.  Let's talk about how you can take your Board leadership to its next level!


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