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I'm Sharon.

I teach entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and executives how to:

  • Start or Grow Dream businesses 

  • Develop & Multiply Leaders

  • Establish & Build Powerful Brands 

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About Sharon

Sharon is a gifted leader and strategist who specializes in building organizations (public and private) from the ground up. For more than 20 years, Sharon has leveraged values-based leadership principles to enable fast-growth organizations to identify, nurture and accomplish purpose-centered visions. Sharon works to create company cultures and visions where team members are developed, empowered, and freed to innovate. Her goal is to constantly exceed the expectations of her clients.

Our Services

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There are always higher levels of performance, success and personal growth available. The best performers know that it takes an able coach to raise the bar beyond what was accomplished in the past.

"Sharon has the ability to see the best in people, more than they can often see in themselves."


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Statistics show that most teams are splintered. Where there are multiple visions, there can only be division. Sharon will steer your team back to cohesiveness, compassion, and a clear leadership vision. 

"Sharon always looks for ways to help her employees grow with educational and professional opportunities.”


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You are an expert in your core business. That requires your full focus. SGI Marketing Agency was created to be your partner in the expert marketing & branding of your business.  

"Sharon's forward thinking inspires me to take risks that never fails to improve my brand."


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"Prior to my coaching sessions, my goals weren't big enough and my confidence wasn’t coming through. Because of Sharon's coaching services, my company has flourished and I've blossomed as a business executive."

"Sharon inspires and empowers others through her innovative ministries, Bible studies, and coaching. She is a clever visionary, an effective and caring leader, and a consummate professional."

Sharon is the perfect combination of wit and grit, of kindness and motivation, of strength and resilience. In my interactions with Sharon, I have found her to be a thought leader, a compassionate coach and a business expert par excellence.

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