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Let Me Help You Get Out Of The Weeds

You Have A Vision

But a vision without implementation is just a dream. 

I will be your partner to help you:

  • Gain Clarity On Your Goals

  • Execute Your Strategies

  • Free Yourself To Operate In Your Strength Zones

  • Sharpen Your Executive Presence

  • Minimize Your Daily Minutae

  • Empower Your Team

  • Get Big Things Done


sharon speaking.png

My mission is to equip, encourage, and empower those in my sphere of influence to live out their God-ordained purposes.

It's the reason I'm so passionate about serving my clients.

~ Sharon Gill


John Davidson
Founding & CEO
Davidson Learning Company

"I didn't know what was next for my career...[Sharon] helped me develop the mindset of a leader."

Sarah Louden

Founder & CEO

Total Health Oncology

"I really encourage everyone to seek out the mentorship, help, support of a really strong professional coach and I would without doubt recommend Sharon Gill ..."

Grey Limbo

Dr. Amy Czyz
Co-Founder | CEO
Intent Brands

 Sharon makes the seemingly impossible and daunting task of crafting and delivering an effective 2 minute elevator pitch not only possible, but enjoyable. Her coaching is constructive, challenging, inquisitive and extremely helpful in identifying and overcoming objections with precision and ease.  Working with Sharon is a delightful, valuable experience for every entrepreneur.

Dexter Carr.jpg

Dexter Carr, Jr, MHA
Founder and CEO, Game4Good

Sharon took my business to the next level. She broke down my business model in granular detail, helping me to achieve clarity regarding my product. She taught me how to confidently pitch my company, paving the way for partnerships with clients such as the Maryland STEM Festival and the Baltimore Ravens. 

Thaddeus .jpg

Thaddeus Fennig
Founding Pastor
704 Church 

I have worked over the past 2+ years with Sharon Gill. as she's been leading our staff development efforts. I have seen Sharon's expertise and wisdom in countless situations. I highly recommend Sharon as and excellent and professional development coach.  

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