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Meet Wayne

And Sharon

We teach entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and executives how to:

  • Start or Grow Dream businesses 

  • Develop & Multiply Leaders

  • Establish & Build Powerful Brands 

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Sharpen Your Vision In The 4  Most Important Areas Of Your Business

Our Services

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Business Coaching 

  • Take your business idea from concept to market.  

  • Learn how to intelligently scale your business. 

  • Grow your personal and team confidence. 

  • Attract your ideal clients.

  • Build a powerful personal or business brand.

  • Create freedom of time, money, and purpose.

  • Impact your community!

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Leadership Training  

  • Discover and implement principles of purpose-centered leadership. 

  • Develop high-performance teams and organizational cultures.

  • Leave a legacy of growth and service.

  • Increase organizational productivity and client satisfaction! 

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Don't Make This Costly Leadership Mistake!

Lack of affirmation on your team leads to job abandonment and high turnover rates.

This often comes at an astronomical cost to your organization or business. 


Much of this can be offset by leadership development. 

Please view this robust live training, featuring some simple strategies to boost your team morale.  


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"Prior to my coaching sessions, my goals weren't big enough and my confidence wasn’t coming through. Because of Sharon's coaching services, my company has flourished and I've blossomed as a business executive."

"Sharon inspires and empowers others through her innovative ministries, Bible studies, and coaching. She is a clever visionary, an effective and caring leader, and a consummate professional."

Sharon is the perfect combination of wit and grit, of kindness and motivation, of strength and resilience. In my interactions with Sharon, I have found her to be a thought leader, a compassionate coach and a business expert par excellence.

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