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Hello friends.  

Several years ago I was challenged to write out my personal mission statement. Without hesitation, I wrote,


"To equip, encourage, and empower those in my sphere of influence to live out their God-ordained purposes."


I'm proud to say my mission has never changed. That is still my "Why." It's the reason I'm so passionate about serving YOU!


I believe we all have some level of God-given GENIUS inside that's just waiting to be unleashed! 




I'm on a mission! 

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What's Your 


The issue is often the negative stories we tell ourselves. Our doubts. fears and anxieties can cause us to bury or put off our missions, passions, or even our divine callings.


Don't feel bad if that's you, because it's more common than you think!


My mission is to help you unpack your God-given gifts so that you may use them to launch or grow businesses, develop your leadership skills, or create a powerful personal brand. 


You were made to live a life of abundance, service, and meaning. Let's turn a new page.


Together, let's write your new script!  



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Everyone Starts... 


I remember the day like yesterday ...


I stepped off a jet plane and landed in New York City.


I had $56.00 in my pocket, my suitcase, and the clothes on my back. 


I was young, scared, and I knew nothing about big city life. 

What I did have was faith in God, faith in myself, a loving family, and a few good friends. 


I could either make it work or I could give up and head back under my parents' roof. 


It was tough!


I can't tell the number of times I wanted to quit! 


I can't tell you the number of times I doubted myself. 


I couldn't find an office job.


So, I became a New York Nanny for two years. 


I cooked. I cleaned. I emptied diapers ...  

You get the picture!



But It's Not How You Start...  

Back then, no one wanted me on the cover of magazines ... 

There were no invitations for TV appearances ...

I knew nothing about how to build a 7-figure business ...

Heck, I arrived in New York City with less than $70.00 to my name! 


But, through the trials, I discovered something about myself. 


My circumstances were tough.


But I was tougher ... 


I had goals for my life, and I was determined to reach them!


In time, I left my nanny job behind and took my first job in Corporate America with American Express. 


Within a year of being hired I was ranked among the top 5% of their worldwide workforce. 



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It's How You Finish Your Race 

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Succeeding at American Express taught me valuable lessons I still share in my courses and coaching programs.

Lessons like hard work, the value of training, and the power of mentorship. 

I took those lessons with me when my husband and I opened our first business.

We started with very little, and within 3 years, we were an "overnight" success. 

I now realize that those early years of struggle was the passport to our success.
We would not be the people and the entrepreneurs we are today without learning how to overcome the challenges of life.   



... That Counts! 

We channeled that energy into our business.


Later, we started a nonprofit that ministered to low-income families in our community.


We were blessed to be a part of an organization that provided thousands of individuals with food, jobs, comfort, and counseling over 2 decades.


At one point, we even ran a mission church which we saw change the lives of many young people.   

It is now our pleasure (and our calling) to share these principles of success with you. 

We've codified everything we've learned into our programs which are designed to get you up and running in your purpose with no delay ...


No fluff ...


Just all of the coaching, guidance, and hand-holding you need to bring your own business, nonprofit organization, or ministry to life!



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So, Let's Get Started 

I'm so glad all those years ago I resolved to push through all the barriers of life.

To show myself and my parents that they had invested well in me. 


That I could make it on my own, 


That as long as I had faith in God (and a little in me) I would find my way to a life of meaning and fulfillment.

God did not disappoint. 


Today, my online teachings and posts receive millions of views, I've been blessed to publish books, and coach so many to a more fulfilling life and business. 

I still maintain a powerful ministry life, where God is at work in our bible studies, and faith-based business coaching. 


I truly am living a blessed life!


But God is no respecter of persons. 


What he's done for me He will do for you ... and more!  

You've only read this much because you're ready,

Hit the button below and let's unpack your God-given dream and destiny!



Some Fun Facts About Me 

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  • American Red Cross - Good Samaritan Award Finalist;

  • Women’s Chamber of Commerce Palm Beach – Giraffe Award Winner;

  • Bank of America - Local Heroes Award Winner;

  • Palm Beach State College – Martin Luther King Leadership Award;

  • Palms West Chamber Foundation – Stiletto Award Winner;

  • Palm Beach Post – Among the 25 Most Influential Black Business-women;

  • Palm Beacher Magazine - 21 Most Inspiring Women in Palm Beach County.


 Let's Do It! 


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