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What Mother's Day Teaches Us


For many women, Mother's Day is a great day! For others it was sad, as they may have lost a mother or a child. I spent most of my day yesterday at my mom's nursing home, and it was a bittersweet experience as I sat there and watched the families who were visiting their loved ones. It was heart wrenching to see that some of the patients did not recognize their loved ones, due to loss of memory or other illnesses. I looked at the circle of life and realized that no one really knows how they will end up. We may live to a ripe old age in great health, we may die young, or we may age with a debilitating illness. We just never know. This made me contemplate my life yet again. I was sad that my mom could no longer live with me at home as she had for 28 years, and receive the specialized care she deserves, but I was happy that 98% of the time she knows who I am and we can still share some great memories. I was also happy that I could still hug her. She was still alive. This experience allowed me to look at my key relationships and how I was participating in them.

Am I loving, kind, grateful? I would hate to know that I wasted time in anger when my loved ones are healthy and can appreciate it. Crying over a closed casket and whispering apologies helps no one.

We need to do it now.

A Picture of Sharon Gill's Mother

Is there someone's hair you can brush? Sometimes we think we have to do major things for major impact, but the simple act of brushing my mother's hair every few days fill her with so much joy! If there is someone you need to call, do it now. Someone to forgive, forgive them now. Life is way too unpredictable to be wasted.


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With love,



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