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Life can feel overwhelming at times and it can get the best of you if you do not have a game plan. Troubles come to every household at some time or another: It could be a health issue, a business setback, a financial famine, or whatever.

With the ongoing pandemic and economic fallout, it feels like the w0rld's stress-meter is at a breaking point! So, what can you do?

When you begin to feel the pressures mounting up, let me suggest trying one of these three methods that I use almost on a daily basis to manage my stress levels and my schedule. Delegate: Is the issue that you are dealing with right now something someone else can do? If it is, give the task to someone else. For example, today I have the responsibility of bringing snacks for a board meeting. That seems like a simple task, but it felt like a major undertaking because it was one of the MANY things I had to do. My husband reminded me that I have an assistant who is more than capable of taking care of that detail. I handed it off to her, it got done, and I checked that box! Prioritize: When you have too much to do within too little a time frame, it's time to prioritize and decide what a true emergency is and what is not. Which task is urgent and which one can be pushed down the road. Recently I found myself with four things I was supposed to do on a Monday morning. When I planned each one, they all seemed equally important, but when I had the four things to do on the same day, I prioritized and was able to cancel one, and to reschedule another. Whew! Two less things to do! Take the long view: A good question to ask when you feel overwhelmed or under pressure is, a year from now, will it matter? Remember the last time you stressed and fretted and wrung your hands over something? Is that thing important to you today? Did it impact your life in any meaningful way? Ask yourself this question, and if a year from now it won't matter, then don't sweat it today! We must learn to reset our perspective on a daily basis, as well as develop a teachable and flexible attitude. Things and circumstances change often and we must learn to change with them as well. I always love to hear from you! Drop me a line and let me know how you are doing :)

Or even better, contact me for a free 30-minute coaching call if you feel you're ready to break out of the stress that's holding you back and to become your best self. Click on the link below to book your call!

With love,


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