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Re-Position Yourself – Become a More Confident You

I just read an article about a tech executive who was getting up in age and applied to both Twitter and Facebook for a six-figure job in Silicon Valley. That area is notorious for hiring only twenty and thirty-somethings, and for locking out people over 40.

To make a long story short, he didn’t get either job, but he later thanked Twitter and Facebook for the opportunity and the nice people he had met during the interview process.

Left without a job, he connected with another techie who gave him an opportunity to help start up a new messaging App. For his trouble, he would earn the title of “Co-founder,” but no salary. He took the challenge and together they developed the popular “WhatsApp” messaging App.

Facebook later bought WhatsApp from this team for 19 billion dollars! His personal take from the sale was roughly 4 billion dollars.

I hope this little story will motivate you greatly this week. Some of you may have been told that you’re “over the hill,” too old, too limited, or too whatever.

The truth is that you’re only as limited as you think. As long as you have breath, you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself. You can learn new skills. You can go in a new direction. I call this the Art of The Restart.

Remember that you never have to remain stuck!

Sometimes the opportunity being denied to you is your biggest gift. This guy got turned down for six figures, but it’s the best thing that ever happened to him.

When things don’t go as planned, ask yourself, “How can I reset or re-position myself?” “How can I turn this to my advantage?”

You’re only defeated if YOU say you are!


I will help you develop IRON CLAD self-confidence and help you to become UNSTUCK.

Trust me, I've done the research!

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