• Sharon Gill

What Makes A Leader Great to Work For?

Do you know a leader who’s all talk and no action?

We all know someone like that. You can find them everywhere. Their chief action is the moving of their lips. When you really need them, they’re nowhere to be found.

One of the major hallmarks of a true leader is they are biased toward action, They may miss the mark at times, but they always act on their principles.

While others are still seated at the debate table or wringing their hands over their next step, the effective leader has already made her move!

Ineffective leaders believe their words are enough. They believe in long proposals, multiple meetings, and eloquence. Even if this means that nothing ever gets finalized.

The funny thing is that everyone who works for a leader like this can hear her coming a mile away. They may give her lip service, but behind her back they cynically talk her down or register their disapproval with the nonverbal eye-roll.

In the end, leaders like this break the morale of a company or business unit, under-serve the client base and cost the company growth and profit.

A fair question for every leader is this: Are you a person of action?

Are there priorities that you should be acting upon, but you’re hesitating?

Have you promised your team changes that never come?

If this is so, you can't simply blame "upper management," the economy or the usual line-up of excuses. The only worthy response is to quit wasting time and to get moving!

Stop prejudging the outcome of your actions and hesitating on the sidelines.

Stop making promises that you don't keep.

Stop waiting for someone's approval.

Instead, follow this simple three-step plan to get yourself activated when you feel stuck.

(1) Set a hard date for completion of the project that can't seem to get accomplished. Having a date certain takes the idea or project out of the ether and subliminally reinforces everyone's desire to complete the task by the scheduled date. If more time is needed, there is buy-in from the group or a veto by the group.

Even if this is a solo project, the date on the calendar is a call to your psyche to get moving!

(2) Get some support and accountability for what you’re doing. You've got to authorize someone to give you more than a gentle shove to stay on target with your tasks. This may cost you some vulnerability, but it's well worth it to get the job done and to help you shed the reputation of "all talk and no action."

We all need a friendly kick in the pants every so often!

(3) Take a baby step. Sometimes we get “paralysis by analysis” or paralyzed by waiting for perfect conditions. Start with a small step, but just get started. Once you've started, your project will take on a momentum of its own. If you get stuck, then revert to number two above.

Your accountability partner or coach is there to snap you out of it!

Think of something you’re stuck on today and apply this short formula. Let’s start training our action muscles. You and your team deserve more than a talking head!

PS: If you need coaching for you or your team, lets set up a discovery call, and let's get to work!

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