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As many of my fans who follow me on social media know, it was placed in my heart to start a Movement a few years ago. The Movement’s mission is to encourage women of all ages to fulfill their potential spiritually as well as economically. I called this the G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Woman Movement. My vision is to see women who are goal oriented, on fire, real, empowered, open minded, uplifting and spirit filled, permeate society and bring value to their homes, families, friends and communities. But first, you have to own your truth. What is your truth? Your truth is who God designed you to be. Not what you see someone else being, but what you were put on this earth to do. Your age, skin color, hair texture, accent, race, and everything that makes you unique, is YOUR truth. The personality that you have, the way that you smile or blink, is YOUR truth, and you should own it. Recently, I had the awesome pleasure of being a part of a unique women’s conference in Palm Beach County. The conference leader asked me to bring the opening prayer of blessings on the conference, and I was also asked to be a panel moderator. I thought about what I should wear, and my husband eventually picked out a very flattering and Unconventional pantsuit for me. At first I thought I should not wear it because it was a bit flashy, but my husband reminded me that, That was MY truth. I love to look a little different, so I needed to embrace who I am. Too many times we worry about what others will say or think and never live up to our full potential.

It's time to embrace YOU. Embrace your dreams. Embrace your visions. Do not allow someone else’s truth to take you off track any further. Dust off that old notebook where you had scribbled your idea. Bring them before the Master and take your first step!

Also, please contact me for a free 30-minute coaching call if you feel you're ready to own your truth!

With love,


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