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Leadership & Mentorship: The Embrace That Leads to Success

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

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I was recently asked to be a mentor for a female executive. Mentorship is not new to me, and I usually find myself in several mentoring relationships throughout the year. This invitation was different, however, in that it was formal and involved attendance at certain events and bi-weekly scheduled meetings. I carefully considered my availability and ultimately decided to accept the assignment because I believed in the potential of the mentee.

Leadership and mentorship are often seen as distinct paths, with one seemingly focused on guiding a team toward a vision, and the other on fostering individual growth. Yet, they share a unique, symbiotic relationship. This week let's uncover how guiding others through mentorship can beautifully amplify and enrich your leadership journey.

The Symbiosis Explained:

  • Mentorship as Leadership: Effective leadership isn’t just about achieving goals but also about nurturing the potential within your team. Mentorship is an intimate extension of this nurturing aspect of leadership. Yes, it will require more of you as a leader, but the benefits go both ways.

  • Leadership through Mentorship: Leaders who mentor find themselves learning and growing, revisiting their own principles, and strengthening their leadership acumen. Through my current mentorship relationship, I am discovering updated modes of working with technology, as well as the current digital workforce

Why Mentorship Matters in Leadership:

1. Personal Growth: Mentoring provides leaders an opportunity to reflect, relearn, and grow alongside their mentees. Here, as the mentor it is important to remain open-minded and teachable.

2. Skill Enhancement: The act of guiding others sharpens a leader’s communication, empathy, and advisory skills.

3. Legacy Building: Leaders who mentor create a ripple effect, empowering future leaders who, in turn, continue the cycle of mentorship. Think multiplication of your best assets and traits. Traits of Leaders as Mentors:

  • Empathy: Understanding and resonating with a mentee's journey and challenges. Here, it is important to value your mentee’s contribution even if you may feel you have a better strategy or approach for their issues.

  • Patience: Providing guidance without rushing the mentee’s growth. This is critical.

  • Wisdom: Sharing experiences and insights that can help shape the mentee's path.

How Mentorship Amplifies Leadership:

1. Perspective Expansion: Mentorship often leads to exposure to new ideas and fresh perspectives. Again, remain open and teachable. The rewards for the mentor with this attitude is a huge upside and compensates for the time spent in the relationship.

2. Leadership Validation: Seeing mentees succeed serves as a validation of a leader’s methods and philosophies.

3. Continuous Learning: The interchange of ideas during mentorship can lead to unexpected insights and learning for the leader. Cultivating the Mentor-Leader Within:

1. Seek Opportunities: Actively look for mentorship opportunities within your organization or community. My current mentee is part of an executive leadership program at a local university where potential mentors can also list their availability to be matched with mentees in the program.

2. Be Open-Minded: Embrace the learning that comes from the mentee as much as you offer your own insights.

3. Commit to Growth: See mentorship as an extension of your leadership personal development! Closing Thoughts: The dance between leadership and mentorship is harmonious and transformative. By embracing the role of a mentor, leaders can find themselves growing, evolving, and leaving a lasting impact that goes well beyond organizational achievement.

Next Week: Join us as we delve into the concept of 'Servant Leadership', exploring how putting the needs of your team first can lead to unprecedented success and fulfillment in your leadership journey. Don't miss out! 🌟

About the Author Sharon Gill is the Principal of Sharon Gill International, a purpose-centered leadership development company helping executives and managers to lead their best. As an executive leadership coach, I combine a unique blend of corporate experience and faith-based insights. I help leaders not only excel in their professional roles but also align their leadership style with deeper values and beliefs. If you’re seeking purpose-centered leadership that merges success with spiritual growth, book a 30-minute free consultation with me.


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