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I Have A Dream... Do You?

Martin Luther King had a dream, a vision of what race relations could look like in America. At that time, the country’s race relations could be described as violent and turbulent. Still King had hope. He saw a picture of a preferred future. He embraced that dream and he worked on that dream until he drew his last breath. While he never lived to see the fruition of his dream, he lived a life of purpose because he had faith that his dream would one day come to pass.

What about you ? Do you have a dream that motivates you and gets you fired up each day? Are you living a life of passion and purpose or are you just going through the motions each day? In my husband's E-book entitled, "How to Know God's Vision for Your Life", he describes the process of finding and living out your purpose in four parts.

Click the link above to register to join us an a 5-week exploration of God's vision for your life. Here are the parts:

Part One - You must "See" the vision. Seeing the vision sometimes may come through prayer and asking God to show you what is His purpose for your life. Sometimes you may have to fast and pray to get an answer, but I think you owe it to yourself to discover, and do what you were created and designed to do. In 2002 I did just that, and the dream and vision of starting my nonprofit community agency came to life.

Part Two - Once you have seen the vision or know what you were created to do, you must be Persuaded by it. This means that you must really believe it and believe in yourself. If you don't believe in yourself, you can't ask someone else (boss, family friends), to believe in you.

Part Three - Once you are persuaded you must Embrace the dream. Yes, wrap your arms around it and feel it! You must make it your own. MLK embraced his vision. It was always on his mind. Every decision he made keyed into his dream.

Part Four - Once you embrace the vision then it’s time to Confess it. It's time to live it out and tell others about it. It's time to make it the hallmark of your life.

This year I have some dreams for my business that I would like to share with you. I have a dream to start an online community that will be a private platform for female members to grow deeper in their relationship with God. A place to learn how to strengthen your marriage, how to pray for your children, take care of yourself, your health. It's about Life.

I also intend to offer a similar online member only community for women entrepreneurs or "boss ladies" to help them navigate their businesses from conception through growth.

Finally, I hope to start a podcast at some point later this year to be able to interview dynamic people who are accomplishing great things, and I would love to share their journeys with you.

These are my dreams for this year. I see it, I am persuaded by it, I embrace it and now I have confessed it to you. How about you , What is your dream? I would love to hear from you!

With love,


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