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Leadership doesn't have to be a lonely journey. 

Communally connects purpose-driven leaders just like you to help you: 

  • Grow strong, trustworthy relationships with other like-minded leaders.

  • Navigate today's complex leadership challenges.

  • Cultivate high-performance team cultures that support personal, professional, and organizational growth.

  • Integrate your faith into your leadership.

  • Step into the unique power God has given you to lead! 

Worried you're missing your potential as a leader? 

Believe it or not, other leaders do too - especially now that the pandemic has permanently changed how we live and work. Thanks to remote working and other complexities, it's more challenging than ever to lead effectively. 

What's worse, we often feel left to come up with all the answers on our own. 

But what if you could access a group of like-minded professionals - any time of the day or night - to get the support, guidance, and help you need to optimize your leadership skills? 

Even better, what if that was just the beginning? 

Your Communally membership includes: 


LIVE weekly training sessions via Zoom- each week, a guest expert joins us to drill down on a specific leadership topic. You get access to the cutting-edge knowledge and skills you need to thrive... and to empower others! 


A members-only Lunch-and-Learn seminar, featuring curated lessons from John C. Maxwell's works, including Leadership Gold and The Leader Within You! 


LIVE monthly Q&A sessions - bring your most challenging leadership questions, and we or our guest experts will give you the real-world guidance you need! 


An exclusive, thriving community where you can connect with your fellow Communally members, form friendships and partnerships, and amplify your skills to carry out your purpose as a true leader!

Who is behind Communally? 

I'm Sharon Gill, and I'm on a mission! What mission? 

To equip, encourage, and empower those in my sphere of influence to live out their God-ordained purposes. 
I believe you're on a mission too. 

See, like-minded folks who are meant to lead are also meant to find each other, and they're meant to find the support, training, and answers they need to lead effectively and create positive results.. 

That's why you'll find the insights you're looking for at Communally. 

Sharon Gill

I highly value faith, leadership, and entrepreneurship - as do all of our members. We're dedicated to growing a community that helps you fully embrace and use your God-given brilliance in service and success. 
Below, you'll see a few of my leadership credentials and certifications. I won't spend much time writing about myself here, because Communally is about helping you reach your full potential. 

If you'd like to know more about my accomplishments and credentials, though, take a moment to read my full biography.

I highly recommend Sharon Gill as a faith-based coach and mastermind leader. With her deep faith and empathetic approach, she helps individuals overcome challenges, deepen their spirituality, and find fulfillment. Sharon's dedication and facilitation skills create a supportive environment for growth and transformation in her coaching and mastermind groups.


Sharon was instrumental in helping me to build an effective board and in the development of my personal leadership. We started out with one location, with Sharon’s leadership and guidance we expanded to seven locations in six cities and two counties.
I have worked over the past 2+ years with Sharon Gill. as she's been leading our staff development efforts. I have seen Sharon's expertise and wisdom in countless situations. I highly recommend Sharon as and excellent and professional development coach.

Become a founding Communally member today. 
Communally is reaching the end of its "beta" phase, but we're still offering beta pricing to help leaders get the training, professional community, and "what's working now" advice they need to serve and grow. 

Choose Your Communally Plan

  • LIVE weekly Zoom training sessions

  • Members-only Lunch-and-Learn seminar

  • LIVE monthly Q&A sessions

  • Private community of knowledgeable, supportive, like-minded leaders.

  • And much more! 

Communally Monthly Plan
Lowest up-front investment

Join today for just $49/month

Communally Yearly Plan
Lowest yearly investment

  • LIVE weekly Zoom training sessions

  • Members-only Lunch-and-Learn seminar

  • LIVE monthly Q&A sessions

  • Private community of knowledgeable, supportive, like-minded leaders.

  • And much more! 

Join today for just $500 (one-time - covers 12 months) 


    Every month
    Monthly Plan
  • Communally

    One Time Payment
    Valid for one year

What types of professionals benefit from Communally?

Leaders, owners, managers, C-suite executives, entrepreneurs and others who want to reach the full potential of their God-given talent.

How do I interact with other members?

To keep things simple for everyone, we've set up a private Linkedln group just for Communally members. There, you'll be able to get (and give) advice and support, form strategic partnerships, stay on top of the latest trends affecting leadership, and much more! 

What does my Communally membership include? Click here to discover everything our Communally members enjoy inside our private community! What is the investment? 

We offer members full access to Communally for just $49 a month. If you'd rather invest yearly, our $500 annual membership saves you almost $100 a year. 

What is your refund policy? 

Because we give members immediate access to insider training, resources, and advantages, we're unable to provide refunds. If you're not 100% thrilled with everything you get as a Communally member, you may cancel at any time without incurring future charges. 

Will you limit the number of members who can join?

Currently, we do not plan to restrict membership numbers. We plan to segment membership into smaller groups when and if it becomes beneficial to our members to do so. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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