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Board Training

An excellent Board of Directors is a crucial factor in an organization's success. Yet, the proper creation and empowerment of Boards is a significant challenge.  Based on two decades of serving on or training Boards of Directors,    

I will help you to:

  • Create a Working Board 

  • Craft Your Vision, Mission & Values

  • Create and Implement an Organizational Strategic Plan

  • Facilitate Board Training & Development

  • Help You To Create Funding

  • Coach Your Leaders

Send me an email to discuss how we can work together!

Grey Limbo

Myra Quinn
Executive Coach

Sharon and I served together as Board Members for the Crossroads Program at Palm Beach State College. She is a recognized leader in our community. She developed the Oasis Compassion Agency over the last ten years, from a small one room food bank to a successful one-stop center for assisting clients reclaim their lives.

She is a remarkable woman who is strong, committed and a loyal person of faith. I admire her strength, patience and tenacity. In addition to her strong faith and desire to serve, Sharon is a phenomenal speaker, leader, counselor, facilitator and creative program developer. Her intuition combined with her genuine compassion and highly defined listening skills allows her to connect with the individuals she works with.


Lee Owen
Client Transitioning Coach

I highly recommend Sharon Gill for anyone starting a non-profit organization, a task that requires vision, volunteers, and committed leadership. Sharon epitomizes those qualities and more. Non-profits trying to build their organizations would benefit greatly from her advice.


Sharon's commitment to her vision inspires volunteers across a wide spectrum of the community at large; to ensure consistent operations and service to clients, she created a series of training seminars, building teamwork. With growth came the challenge of redefining her Board members’ roles, commitments, and contributions, and she has proven her leadership skills in this regard. She also focused on strategy and execution to build a donor base and community support with individuals, businesses, associations, and churches, things that every successful nonprofit must do well.

Learn from Sharon - save yourself some steps, avoid some problems, and achieve your objectives faster. Your volunteers, donors, and clients will thank you for it.

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