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The Confident Woman

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Healthy self-confidence is a key factor for success in life and business. Over these 12 unique modules, you will incrementally learn the tools to develop rock-solid self-confidence. Here are some things others had to say about this course. "After following Sharon (on social media) for the better part of a year I had the opportunity to speak with her directly. Our discussion, among other things, included her Confidence 101 course to support faith-based mindset development. I fully consumed the course content! Growing up as “the shyest girl in the room” it was clear to me that the framework and focus of the entire course was incredible. Her delivery is clear and encouraging while Sharon steps you through the path to achieve the desired results. Several of the modules spoke directly to me - I’m trying not to be a “spoiler” here:) Thank you, Sharon, for developing and releasing a high-level confidence course. Standing in our confidence is a valuable soft skill that doesn’t always get the spotlight, but can be negatively impactful when it does not exist. The Confidence 101 course supports action takers with a solid path to the best and most confident version of ourselves! " -Cheryl Parks

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