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My clients refer to me as "The CEO Whisperer." I say that with a smile, and with the utmost respect and humility. As a former CEO of multi-million dollar enterprises in both the public and private sectors,

I work with my CEO clients as a:

  • Trusted Advisor

  • Sage Accountability Partner

  • Coach & Cheerleader

  • Champion & Advocate

  • Strategic Collaborator

  • Leadership Mentor

  • Personal Growth Consultant 

Send me an email to discuss how I may assist you!

Grey Limbo
susanna scott.jpeg

Susana Scott

Sharon is a revolutionary leader that knows how to identify and hone in the talents of her clients. She is wise, experienced, and detailed in her work with her clients. Since working with Sharon not only have I rediscovered many strengths I've overlooked and taken for granted, but I've also applied her strategies and pivoted my business strategy and plan. As a result the return on investment I made working with Sharon has translated into more business opportunities, increase in cash flow and a new outlook for my business. I can truly say that my experience working with her has been memorable and meaningful. I am very grateful and bless to have worked with Sharon.

Naz De La Rosa
Certified Life & Spiritual Coach
Believe It Life Coaching


Dr. Marcia Livingston-Galloway
Senior Professor & Education Consultant

I have known Sharon for over 15 years and have found her to be a person who is not only talks, but synchronizes her lips with her example. She has been an exceptional coach who has helped me gained perspective and encouragement. Her encouragement and expert guidance helped me initiate a dream I have had for many years to be an educational consultant. Sharon is reliable and honest. She has her clients best interest at heart, and will treat you the way she would want to be treated. She operates in a spirit of excellence and discernment. I am further along toward actualizing my purpose and my business with her help. I recommend her highly if you are looking for an honest consultant or coach, you will have no regrets.

It took me some time to find a business coach who really resonated with me. As I looked to scale my coaching practice, I needed someone who had the business acumen AND faith necessary to help me on both a business and spiritual level. Sharon was exactly that person! She helped me to niche down and focus on my ideal client, while helping me to overcome some of the limiting beliefs that were blocking me from scaling my business. In less than three months of working with Sharon, my revenue increased and my program had a waitlist! I’m so grateful for Sharon and I appreciate the honesty, love, compassion and empowerment she provided me as I navigated the world of entrepreneurship. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a business coach!

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