Grow in Your Walk With The Lord

     Women's Circle is made up of G.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. like-minded Women who are using technology to provide support, prayer, and love to one another through God's Word. If you find yourself lost in your walk with God and need faith relief to help you feel centered in the rush of your 9 to 5 or business, this private, exclusive subscription gives you access to a Facebook community of women like you, Sharon Gill as your personal mentor and much more from the comfort and convenience of your own home: 

What Do You Get?

  • Special, Private Mentoring through weekly Q&A

  • 2 Exclusive LIVE Video Conferences with Sharon Gill Every Week

  • The "G.O.R.G.E.U.S. WOMAN" Bible Study eBook

  • Special Bible readings and "How-Tos"

  • A small, private group to speak to Sharon, and other like-minded women personally 

  • Exclusive Journal reveals from Sharon's "Quiet Time" 

  • Special instruction to guide you in your walk with God

  • Personally curated content that is important to you



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Spiritual Relief for the Career-minded woman.


Do You Feel Empty, Sluggish or Uninspired? 

A lot of people wrongfully assume that if you have a good career, a reasonably good marriage or beautiful family and a place to call home it's enough for you to be happy. You feel guilty if you aren't happy. You feel selfish or ungrateful and others make you feel that way too. Little do they know, the emptiness originates from what you don't have: a nurturing relationship with God in the harsh, "money-first, think-second" world we live in. 

If you...

  • feel lost in your goals, purpose, and life

  • can't seem to kick that emptiness in your heart

  • feel temporary satisfaction and then you feel worse than before

  • should be happy, but you aren't

  • struggle with the idea of happiness and even feel like you don't deserve it


Please, don't let yourself live this way. As an ordained minister and successful businesswoman, Sharon Gill provides spiritual relief for the career-minded woman. 

"I believe I have been called to start a movement."



    As a business person or executive, you’ve probably heard it said that business is business, and faith is faith. The implication is that the two should not mix. But if you’re like me, you are not a one-dimensional person. Your faith impacts all aspects of your life, including your business, career, family, health, and relationships. In short, you want the principles of your faith to guide you in all that you do. 


    I began my journey as a women’s Bible Teacher, under the mentorship of a friend who believed in me and helped me to grow in confidence. She has since gone on to be with the Lord, but I still hear her voice, encouraging me to believe in myself and in the women God sent me.

    That same passion for women that was nurtured by my mentor, led me to lead many significant Bible Studies, serve as a Director of Women’s Studies in my local church, and eventually to be ordained as a Minister of Women. 


    Now, I have started a private group for the career-minded woman who needs spiritual relief. The truth is that the G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Woman principles are changing women’s lives in the hundreds and I'm offering to help change your life in a private, exclusive way.


Thank you for allowing me to encourage your faith!



With Love and Blessings, 






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