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Let's Face It, Time is Money!

You’re a business woman that’s on the go …

You’ve got deadlines …

You’ve got pressures …

You’ve got a family …

    Finding extra time for weekly coaching meetings is a challenge. But you need some business guidance, and so you’re frustrated!

I understand—I see your need.

You would like to create, launch or re-set your business in as short a timeframe as possible.

You could do this yourself, but you know that it takes a team. You’re ready to block some time to get it done!


        Imagine what it would be like if you could:


  • Spend a half-day with me at my estate (or via Skype)

  • Get down to the work of designing the business or enterprise of your dreams after a time of prayer over your business—and a breakfast!

  • Strategize on taking your current business to the next level

  • Analyze and lay out everything in vivid detail: Your business plan, your brand, messaging, growth strategy, goals, and next steps.

  • Set aside domain names, and begin design or updates on your website, logo and brand packaging

  • Refresh and fine tune your marketing and sales processes

  • Create a written game plan of how you could bring it to pass

  • Follow up on your progress over a course of three months, providing encouragement and accountability for your journey

  • Meet again, after six months, to evaluate your progress, pray and set new goals

  • Stay in touch via our private Mastermind Group

well, it's more than possible!

Consider it done when you join me on one of my signature VIP Days!


In our VIP Day we will meet one-on-one at my private estate or via Skype.


1. We will set side four hours or more of uninterrupted time to focus on your business;


2. We will shrink several weeks work down to one day;


3. We will obtain maximum impact for our  time together;


4. You will walk away with a completed business game plan.


I’m Sharon Gill and I’m your Faith-based Coach. I know you’ve probably already read my bio on these pages, but I’ve spent the last two decades of my life launching successful businesses and nonprofit organizations, coaching women and growing a family.

i understand time pressures.

I believe that I’ve been uniquely gifted to help you gain real clarity about your life, and to design a plan of action to go after the desires of your heart. I truly love and enjoy working with women. It’s a joy to find the key that turns the lock of your success!

Learn the steps I took to build world-class businesses and brands. Take a day out of your life to change the rest of your life.​


On your V.I.P. day, we will cover subjects like:


  • How to create and establish your brand;

  • How to build in a purpose-centered core to your business or enterprise;

  • How to plan out your business for long-term growth;

  • How to use collaboration to grow your business or nonprofit;

  • How to deal with work and life balance issues;

  • How to thrive as an entrepreneur or executive without sacrificing your values or health;

  • How to work smarter and not harder;

  • What is proper goal-setting and how to do it effectively;

  • What are the key elements of your business or marketing plan?

  • How to get over being stuck in your growth

  • How not to be left out of the digital economy

  • How to brand yourself through publishing

  • How to get your partners fired up about your vision, mission and goals

  • What is better? Brick and mortar or online business?


  • Take your existing business apart or we will create one from the ground up;

  • Become crystal clear about your goals and your strategies for reaching those goals over the succeeding six months;

  • Nail down your brand; including messaging, colors, logo, brand proposition, positioning;

  • Create domain name if needed and begin architecture of new website or update on existing site;

  • Review, update or create your business plan;

  • Create a game-plan for future growth

Let's Do IT!

I would love to spend the day with you. I know that together, we are unstoppable. I know that we will both walk away fired up about your future. Don't miss this life changing opportunity.

Click the button below and reserve Your VIP Day now. Don’t hesitate because my schedule gets booked up very quickly, sometimes months in advance. Now is the time to make your move if you want to experience swift and effective change.​


If you attend a VIP Day and implement the strategies that I will provide to you, and you are not thrilled by your results, I will gladly refund your money, no questions asked!


        Therefore, I’ve removed all your risk. I’ve created the program to help you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible. I’ve guaranteed the result. The only thing left for me to say is: I’ll see you on VIP Day! 


Click the button below and sign up now! Don’t delay. I look forward to seeing you there!