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Today's Woman



You don't have to look very far to realize that our world has entered a New Normal. Tools that were once successful will no longer yield the same results in today's business environment.


The new world of business calls for creativity, courage, and more than ever, collaboration!  

Please join me, and our tribe of fired-up female businesswomen and professionals, as we expand and re-write the rules of success in life and in business!   

"Today's Woman Can No Longer Rely On Yesterday's Solutions" ~ Sharon Gill

We Invite You To Join ...


Our application-only group for female business leaders and professionals who are looking to up-level their personal development and their business skills.

The conventional wisdom is that women compete with, rather than complete each other.


We turn that message on its head by facilitating robust discussion, open collaboration, and implementation of strategies to take your personal and business growth to the next level.


Let's face it. No woman is an island.


Now, more than ever, we need insight, expertise, and encouragement from our sisters to navigate this complicated business environment; leaders who are willing to give and take; to teach and to learn. If that sounds like you, then welcome aboard!  




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What's Included

  • 60-Minute One-On-One Coaching Call To Create 3 Audacious Goals For The Year

  • Twenty-Four 60-Minute Mastermind Sessions

  • One Opportunity To Sit On The "Hotseat" While The Group Focuses On One Of Your Business Goals

  • Weekly Email Business Strategies Plus Action Assignments To Foster Your Growth

  • Weekly Expert Guest Appearances Throughout The Year

  • Private Facebook Group To Foster Community, Brainstorm Ideas And Answer Your Questions

  • Extra Surprises And Bonuses Throughout The Year 

Your Benefits 

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  • Gain A Trusted Board Of Advisors - Work With Women Who Share Similar Interests And Goals

  • Obtain Clarity Around Your Goals & Objectives - Clear Your Mental Clutter Through Strategy Sessions And Collaboration

  • Grow Yourself & Your Business - Personal Development Modules to Help You Grow And Evolve

  • Uplevel Your Sales & Marketing Skills - Special Guest Experts To Help You Improve Your Bottom Line

  • Set & Achieve Your Top Goals - Goal-setting Strategies & Accountability To Succeed

  • Develop Partnerships & Collaborations - Gain The Benefits Of Partnering With Other Outstanding members 



Selected Modules 

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  • Your Mindset Makeover 

  • Determining Your Value In The Marketplace

  • Work/Life Balancing Strategies

  • Leadership & Personal Development

  • Developing A Money Mindset

  • Developing An Executive Presence

  • Finding Your Purpose & Leaving A Legacy

  • How To Gain Rock-Solid Self-Confidence

  • Building Relationships That Last

  • The Art Of Effective Communication 

What You Can Expect 

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Each month will have a theme as set forth in the list of Modules but will offer enough flexibility to address spontaneous issues.


Over the course of the meetings, each member will have the opportunity to set forth her topmost business and personal challenges. 

The member will then receive counsel, collaboration, and affirmation from the other group members. The team will brainstorm ideas and make vital suggestions for creating wins for each member.


The effect is to provide each member with a personal Board of Advisors with diverse personal and business skills. 

​Through these interactions, members receive invaluable insights and accountability to help them implement their stated goals and objectives.


Beyond the group meetings, members are encouraged to continue the dialogue and to challenge and serve each other through our private Facebook Group. 

If that sounds like you, then we would be honored to review your Application for the program!

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Meeting Times 

The group meets twice-monthly via Zoom videoconference call over a 6-month period.

The Zoom calls are scheduled on Mondays at 12:00 p.m., Eastern Standard time, and ends at 1:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. 

The meetings will be recorded and archived in the event of a missed meeting for emergency reasons and can be reviewed post-meeting online, via a secure login.  

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Sign Up 

Signing up is easy! Just click the button below and download the Application.


Our team will promptly review your Application and will get back to you within 48 hours. 

Please do not delay in filling out your Application as the program will have limited membership and availability. Seats will fill up fast!

Click the button below to get started! 


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Beth Crosby.jpg

Beth Crosby

Editor & Coach

"Sharon has empowered me through her 1:1 coaching, advice, resources, and by introducing me to other women who share the same values. Were it not for Sharon, I would be the same place today I was in before we worked together.

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Lila Smith

Creator, #SayThingsBetter

"Leaders who really want the edge should work with Sharon Gill. She’ll help you define success, to name your actions, and to be accountable to your own highest vision for your life. I’m available for direct questions. Happy to rave about Sharon anytime!

Brigitte Sylvestre.jpg

Brigitte Sylvestre

Cohost, Moody Radio 

"Sharon is an amazing mentor and friend. She has the ability to see the best in people, more than they can often see in themselves, and call you to a higher version of yourself. Sharon encouraged me, challenged me, prayed for me, and refused to give up on me! Her resources have helped me climb higher in my calling and will do the same for you!