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purpose centered leadership

The Purpose Centered Leadership Institute is committed to personal and organizational leadership growth that aligns the individual's purpose with the values of the organization.


We exist to help your organization and its leaders adopt a higher purpose mindset and culture. We believe that when leaders and the organizations embrace a purpose that goes beyond profits, and espouse the well-being of their communities, both the organization and its leaders will experience deeper connections with their constituents, and create a culture where the team, the customers and the community wins.


We utilize interactive, participatory and lecture training environments to ensure concept retention. In addition, we can conduct pre and post assessments in measuring effective implementation and outcomes.


We coach, train and teach your leaders how to embrace a purpose centered leadership mindset, with special emphasis on developing organizational culture and incorporating the organization's core values. We give your leaders the tools to help reinforce effective purpose centered leadership behavior.


Our clients range from small to large corporations, start-ups, nonprofits and ministries. We customize our training to meet your specific needs and pain points. We recommend a minimum of 4 hours with options for follow up to ensure that the training has had a transformative effect on both the individuals and the organization. As  a result of our purpose centered leadership training, your organization will experience increased productivity, better employee job satisfaction and exponential growth.

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