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Napoleon Hill said it best: "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." 

This has several implications:

  • Your highest goals are achievable.

  • Achievement begins and is manifested through your mind.

  • You must conceive and believe before you actualize your goals. 


The remaining question is: How? What is the framework for achieving your goals and dreams? 

We invite you to look no further!




This Bootcamp Is For You If ...


You struggle with any limiting beliefs such as imposter syndrome, guilt, procrastination. perfectionism, self-doubt, self-sabotage, feelings of unworthiness, or fears of all kinds, including fear of failure or even success.

You're a coach, speaker, or consultant, but you agonize about charging your full rates for your services, 


You're falling short of achieving your goals or you're not achieving them at all.

You feel overwhelmed by your personal and professional tasks, which rob you of your personal peace.


You feel disorganized in your daily tasks. You need some tools to help you coordinate all the moving parts of your life, including the professional, personal, and spiritual aspects.


You struggle with creating and maintaining high-performance habits and productivity routines. 

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What's Included

  • Weekly 60-Minute Coaching Calls To Train That Week's Learnings. 

  • Weekly Q&A Sessions To Answer Your Questions And to Facilitate Application of The Learnings.

  • 1-Hour  "One-On-Two" Coaching Session With Your Instructors.

  • Participation in The "Accountability Hotseat" Designed To Reinforce Implementation Of Your Goals, Strategies, And Habits Learned. 

  • Weekly Emails To Encourage You In Your Growth As You Tackle and Complete Each Week's Training.

  • Bootcamp Workbook Which Allows You To Implement The Lessons Learned, Challenge Yourself, And Monitor Your Progress. 

  • Private Facebook Group To Foster Community, Brainstorm Ideas And Answer Your Questions.

  • Recorded Playbacks Of All Lessons so That You Can Reinforce Any Module At Any Time.

  • Group Limited To 6 Participants For Maximum Attention From Your Instructors.

Your Benefits 

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  • Gain Mental Clarity - Learn How To Diffuse Limiting beliefs And Stop Them From Running Your Life.

  • Create Values-Aligned Goals & Objectives - Set Goals You Care About And Begin Achieving Them. 

  • Power Up Your Self-Belief - Gain The Confidence To Charge What You're Worth And To Live The Life You Want. 

  • Overcome Overwhelm - Learn And Adopt A Framework For Organizing Your Personal and Professional Life For Maximum Enjoyment And Success.

  • Get Organized - Learn How To Organize Your Life In Alignment With Your Core Values. Begin Living A Proactive Life. End Being Reactionary. 

  • Implement High-Performance Habits - Transform Your Life By Installing Habits That Actualize Your Goals.

  •  Gain Accountability & Reinforcement - Attain The Extra Push You Need To Make Your New Habits And Lifestyle. Permanent


Weekly Learnings 

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Create Clarity Around Your Personal And Professional Vision, Mission, And Values. Formulate And Write Your Personal Mission Statement.



Define, Refine, And Record Your Personal And Professional Goals And Objectives.


Prioritize, Plan, And Calendar Your Personal And Professional Goals In Alignment With Your Personal Mission Statement.


Learn The High-Performance Habits Of Achievers And How to Incorporate Them Into Your Daily Routine.


Hot-Seat Accountability Session Where Group Offers Give-And-Take Feedback Regarding Your Implementing Your Goals Set Forth In The BootCamp: Participants 1 And 2.  


Hot-Seat Accountability Session Continued: Participants 3 And 4.


Hot-Seat Accountability Session Continued: Participants 5 And 6. 


Concluding Session. Progress Review And Final Strategy Brainstorming Session.

What You Can Expect 


This will be a "hands-on" experience for all participants. 


This means that you must come prepared to roll up your sleeves to get to work.

As you already know, identifying, assessing, and then changing limited mindsets is hard work!

It will require your concentration and full commitment to get the results you want. 

You must participate in the coaching sessions, do the assigned work, take notes, ask questions, challenge yourself, and apply what you are learning in real time. 

This is an exciting and joyful process, but it's also challenging. The power of a Bootcamp is the communal reinforcement it brings. 

But, in the end, your results will come down to YOU, and the effort you put in. 

If you are not prepared to engage in the deep work of pushing past your limiting beliefs, and any external obstacles keeping you from achieving your goals, then this experience will not suit you. 


But if you're ready to make a quantum leap forward in your personal development, then this Bootcamp will be your perfect vehicle.  

If you follow the framework taught, your life will never be the same. That is our guarantee or we will refund your payment, in full. 

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Meeting Times 

The group meets weekly via Zoom videoconference call over an 8-week period.

The Zoom calls are scheduled on Mondays at 12:00 p.m., Eastern Standard time, and ends at 1:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. 

The meetings will be recorded and archived in the event of a missed meeting for emergency reasons and can be reviewed post-meeting online, via a secure login.  

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Sign Up 

Signing up is easy! Just click the button below and download the Application.


Our team will promptly review your Application and will get back to you within 48 hours. 

Please do not delay in filling out your Application as the program is limited to 6 participants only! Seats will fill up fast!

Click the button below to get started! 


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Beth Crosby

Editor & Coach

"Sharon has empowered me through her 1:1 coaching, advice, resources, and by introducing me to other women who share the same values. Were it not for Sharon, I would be the same place today I was in before we worked together.

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Lila Smith

Creator, #SayThingsBetter

"Leaders who really want the edge should work with Sharon Gill. She’ll help you define success, to name your actions, and to be accountable to your own highest vision for your life. I’m available for direct questions. Happy to rave about Sharon anytime!

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Brigitte Sylvestre

Cohost, Moody Radio 

"Sharon is an amazing mentor and friend. She has the ability to see the best in people, more than they can often see in themselves, and call you to a higher version of yourself. Sharon encouraged me, challenged me, prayed for me, and refused to give up on me! Her resources have helped me climb higher in my calling and will do the same for you!

Your Instructors 


Wayne & Sharon Gill

Wayne & Sharon Gill have combined in business and in life for 35 years. 

In this time, they grew or combined with others to grow multiple successful businesses and nonprofit organizations


They share their business and personal growth strategies with millions engaged across their social media platforms, and with their coaching and mentoring programs.