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Untether - Let Go and Let God

Untether - let Go and Let God

Earlier this year I decided to take a couple months off from the day to day grind of my brick and mortar business. I had already closed my non profit after 16 years and was feeling somewhat overwhelmed by emotions. When we act on those emotions, it won’t be soon after that our physical health will begin to suffer.

As I sat at home unplugged, working through the overwhelm, I began to go really deep within. I prayed and read the Bible for hours, actively practiced meditation, as well as sitting in silence.

During one of those sitting in silence exercises on my front porch, I heard a word from deep within: UNTETHER.

I remember asking God, “what do you mean?”

Untether, let go of all outcomes. Let go of your kids, hubby, job, money, possessions etc.”


Let go of my kids and hubby? I could understand letting go of jobs and money, but not kids and spouse.

But that is exactly what “untethering, letting go of all outcomes” mean.

As humans we tend to love control. We want to control our loved ones, not out of a bad space, but out of our desire to protect them. When we do this we place stress on ourselves and on them, simply because we really have no control of the outcomes.

We get caught up in making money, making a mark on the world, living here or living there, driving this or driving that, and if things do not work EXACTLY as planned, our minds and worlds spin out of control.

So back to that voice on my porch..


Later that day I shared this message with my husband. We had already placed our home up for sale some months prior but was not clear about where we would go after we sold. We had plans to repurchase right away but was still working through the details.


After a few days, we made a profound decision.

We decided to move to a new State, rent a home, take 6 months off from being busy, and stay in a completely untethered mode.

This journey is not for someone else to understand or agree with. Untethering also involves disengaging from approval addiction. We each have our unique paths to follow. This is ours for now. Stay tuned for the rest of the journey. Follow me on LinkedIn where I write about leadership and life.

Please leave me your comments and thoughts on this post below.

sharon gill

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