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How To Start Your Day Like A Boss

Have you ever wished that you could get more productivity out of your day? Then you have to learn how to take control of your day like a boss! That’s how ultra-productive people do it. So here are a few tips to put you in the driver’s seat.

Tip #1 - Get up Early.

Try going to bed a half hour earlier and getting up a half hour earlier each day. You will feel more rested and energized. Start your day with some mindfulness, like prayer and/or meditation. When you arise before the noise of the day, you’re able to think clearly, get centered and initiate your day in a positive frame of mind.

You may follow this with a brisk walk or some exercise to keep your juices flowing. It sounds simple, but taking this time for yourself will be immensely satisfying. It will lift your spirits, and it will set the tone for your day.

Tip #2: Create Written Daily Goals

Take some time to write down some action steps or to-do’s for the day. This should tie into your overall goal picture. A goal that is only in your head is just a thought. In our fast-paced world, there are too many competing objectives. If it’s not written down, it’s probably not getting done.

Written goals and action steps will keep you on track when you feel like procrastinating or when you’re distracted. Post your goals on the refrigerator, a bulletin board, or in your planner so that you can review them each morning and create new to do’s.

According to studies, only one percent of the population actually sets written goals. The goal-setting one percent significantly outperforms the 99 percent. Stop and think about that. You can create major positive life change by adopting this one simple practice. Don’t wait. Get started now.

Tip #3 - Eat Breakfast.

Many would argue that in order to begin your day on the right foot, breakfast is a necessity. On a physiological level, you need the fuel to perform at your best during the most productive hours of the day. On a mental level, breakfast provides you additional time to take care of yourself, without engaging in anything pressing.

If you are overly pressed for time you might try something light, like cereal, a muffin or even a few pieces of fresh fruit would do. Any of these choices are better alternatives than facing the day on an empty tank.

Implement these 3 tips immediately, and take control of your day like a boss!

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