• Brittany Gill

How to Eat More and Spend Less

By Guest Blogger, Brittany Gill

How many times have you been hungry, but because of your responsibilities you don't eat? Or maybe you really want to order out because you're too busy to cook, but it's just a few dollars more than you want to spend? College students usually turn to Ramen noodles or TV dinners, but we all know how detrimental that sodium can be. Plus you'll end up unsatisfied every time.

Here are 4 quick tips to protect your health and your wallet!

1. Create a throwaway email account.

I know this seems weird, but trust me, spam is obnoxious for everyone. No matter how dedicated you are to the money saving life, you aren't going to want coupons and advertisements floating around while you're looking for the receipt for a bill you paid or an email from a job. Making a totally separate email account will keep all your coupons in their rightful place.

2. Sign up for everything!

Add your email to any and every list available. This includes GrubHub, Eat24, UberEats, and whatever else. These apps usually feature the same restaurants, the coupons are consistent and they vary depending on the service used. Eat 24 sends a coupon every weekend, and Grubhub frequently offers $7 off. Also, a quick google search will point you in the right direction to the hundreds of restaurants offering free food in exchange for your email. Remember, this is an account solely dedicated to your food so it doesn't matter how many you choose!

3. Pace yourself.

If you do 5 sign ups a week, the "use-by" date should be far enough out that you'll be able to still redeem your coupons. It would be a shame to sign up for 100 lists in one day and every coupon expires at the same time. Especially because there will be times you want to cook or have leftovers. Bookmark the page and get back to it.

4. Eat!

After you get your coupons, use them! These lists will also send you coupons for free things for your birthday, or "I miss you" promotions. Every year, if you're like me, you can expect to be bombarded with freebies like ice cream from Coldstone Creamery or free pancakes from iHop. It goes on for your entire birth month!

Before you know it, you'll have a nice collection to choose from when hunger strikes and finances are low.


- Britt

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