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Easy Things You Can Do To Keep The Spark In Your Relationship

Relationships take work. I have had the good fortune of being married for over 30 years, and keeping the spark in our marriage has been a priority for at least the past 25 of those years.

Why? Because if you don't, inertia and boredom can set in easily. That's when the spark fades in a relationship.

During the early years of my marriage we went through three stages very quickly.

Stage one was all about the honeymoon phase of love, romance and lots of togetherness. Sheer perfection and the joys of knowing you belong to each other.

Stage two was realizing that we are not "perfect.". We have mood swings, and everyday is not a holiday. There are financial concerns, future concerns, and the awareness that you are now somewhat responsible for each other. For some couples, if they decided to add a child in the mix, this added responsibility may put additional strain on the relationship.

Stage three is what I call the "yucky" stage. There may be some feeling of regret over being married. You may find that your spouse really rubs you the wrong way sometimes, and you never saw it before. Financial pressures may begin to mount, and things just aren't fun anymore. It's at this stage that many couples toy with the idea of wanting to be free again, and may be tempted to look outside of their relationship.

This is a crucial point and what you do may have significant impact in your life. Take a breath and consider these potential fixes.

  1. Get help. Consider speaking with a counselor or with someone you trust. Particularly for business owners and leaders, the pressures of the office can have a major impact at home. You're a professional, so consider professional help.

  2. Switch things up. You may be bored in your career or other aspects of your life. People who are alive with purpose transfer that energy to other portions of their lives. Are you following your purpose or calling? You may need to make a change.

  3. Open up. Open up with your spouse or significant other. Let there be open communication about your feelings and be sure to also LISTEN! This doesn't just work in business meetings. It works in personal relationships as well.

  4. Go on a date. Set aside time to spend quality time with your loved one away from your home and office. It's easy to fall into a routine, which quickly becomes a rut. Don't let that happen! Put some romance on your calendar!

Let's face it. It's tough to be a dynamo in the board room if the personal aspects of your life are out of line. Leaders are not automatons. So know what stage of your relationship you're in and consider these tips to strike a beautiful balance between life and work!

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