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Amp Up Your Solopreneurship With Smart Technology

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You don’t have to be a Silicon Valley startup to use tech to your advantage. Today’s solopreneurs have options, and you can’t afford to ignore them. From freelance help (and platforms to find it) to apps that help you manage your social media presence, the Digital Age makes running a business a breeze.

Apps and equipment to help you do more

First, you should know that there is an app for just about anything you want or need to do. Need to schedule a business trip? There’s an app for that. Having trouble keeping up with your social media accounts? Hootsuite to the rescue. Keep in mind, however, that the more apps you have, the more your phone has to work to keep up. Before you choose apps, make sure they are compatible with your phone and update your software and operating system to their most recent iteration.

Your smartphone does more than just voice and text

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Having a reliable smartphone means you can also message clients and take product images for the web, all without lugging around a laptop. Your phone will also help you keep track of your vendors, manage inventory, and communicate with anyone you have helping you run your business. Choose a data plan that can grow with you and offers unlimited usage of data, talk, and text so you never have to worry about overage fees again.

Remote workers can help you run your business smoothly

As an independent business owner and leader, you likely do not have the budget to hire an entire full-time staff. However, there are certain areas where you absolutely need help. Bookkeeping, for instance, is one area where you may need to bring in a freelancer to lend a hand. This individual can help you keep up with your accounts and finances, as well as generate financial reports as needed. Fortunately, finding a qualified bookkeeper is relatively easy thanks to online job boards such as Upwork. And if you want someone local, searching these sites for “bookkeepers near me” will help you find people in your area who can provide you with assistance.

Keep in mind that when hiring anyone to help with your business, be it regular employees or freelancers, it’s important to do a background check to ensure you won’t encounter any problems with this person down the road. However, Complete Check notes that you should be mindful of state laws regarding background checks to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

Build a good online reputation

As your business grows, you have to learn how to pay close attention to your online reputation. This is essentially the public face of your business. Unfortunately, things that hit the internet tend to stay there. Because of this, you need to know when something negative or harmful is broadcast about your business. Brandwatch and Google Alerts are two services you can use to keep up with your online persona. And although, for the most part, you can’t have negative information removed, staying on top of your reputation does give you an opportunity to respond and rectify legitimate customer issues.

Chat it up with chatbots

A chatbot is a form of artificial intelligence that allows your business to communicate with your customers sans the manpower. A chatbot can, for example, take orders, provide general information, and route queries to the appropriate party. The biggest benefit is that they offer a quick response to customers. Chatbots can engage your customers and lead them directly to a solution to their problem.

More than any of this, keep in mind that technology is a tool. None of the above can replace excellent customer service and personal pride in your business. Being successful is all about balance. When you can learn to balance technology with customer service, quality, and responsiveness, you’ll be in a better position to move forward in the Digital Age and beyond.

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