• Sharon Gill

What is YOUR Next Step?

I hear you... each week I ask my readers to write me and tell me how they are doing. You are doing the best that you can, but sometimes it does not seem to cut it. You love the Lord and you trust Him with your future, but sometimes the present seems so difficult. You may have heard some negative things in your life. Some bad things might have happened to you along the way. You become discouraged from time to time and have to work real hard to pull yourself up. You have dreams and goals but do not quite know how you are going to accomplish them. For so many, the next step just always seems a little out of reach. The spirit is willing but the mindset is not caught up to it. Some feel marginalized by their bosses and beaten up by life. Those last 10-20 pounds are taking forever to come off so the thinking is why bother? I know and say these things because I have heard from so many sisters around the country, and because at some point or the other I have been through some of these things myself. I have heard the negativity from some of the people who are closest to me. I have been frustrated by my lack of accomplishing certain goals. I have been shy about asking for what I want and deserve. But that changed a long time ago. I don’t have all the answers, but there were some steps I took along the way that really shaped the way I have been for the past 20 years. Wouldn’t you like to embrace your unique gifting and your unique voice? Ask for that promotion or raise with confidence? Launch your own small business? Stop holding yourself back?

I am dedicating the month of March which is traditionally called Women’s History Month and I have personally renamed it, Women’s Confidence Month. Why? Because it takes a good dose of self-confidence to get things done.

Last year I created a course based on what I heard from my readers about their greatest challenges to live that larger life that God has for them. I recorded 12 videos and some written exercises that covers topics such as: · Identifying and Overcoming Roadblocks · Discovering, Building and Using Your Strengths · Deciding, Designing and Getting What You Want · Dressing and Updating Your Image Many of my readers have purchased the course already at the previously offered full prices. I know many of you struggle financially so I discounted the course for Women’s Confidence Month to $47. I am prepared to even offer a two payment option for those who struggle with paying even the discounted price. This is why I want you to grow your confidence, so you can make the kind of money you deserve so you don't have to struggle as hard. Why am I doing this? Many of my readers know that I run my own law-firm with my husband that started 20 years ago, and that I am also the founder of a Charity that helps the poor that has been in business for the past 14 years. Money has not been a concern for me, thank God. I am doing this because some of my readers need to get off the couch, get out of lethargy and claim their God-given destinies! If that is you, then don’t delay. Click here www.sgiuniversity.com/course/confidence-101/ to get started. I even created a separate Facebook private Group for students of this course. I will be present in the group to answer questions pertaining to what you are learning in the course. For anyone who purchases the course during the month of March, I will also give a 30 minute free coaching call to discuss anything you like. This free coaching call alone is worth $125.00. Also if you complete the course and for any reason you feel that you have not improved your mindset, I will gladly refund your purchase. Take the step Up to your full potential today.


I have a free gift for you today. It's 50 sayings that I use to retrain my mind. I call them my Godfirmations, and I have put them in a 7 page e-book for your convenience. Click the link to download your copy today!

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