• Sharon Gill

Step Up To Your Potential

I was reading a copy of Entrepreneur Magazine recently and saw where it was reported that a lack of confidence and a fear of failure are two of the biggest factors holding women back from starting their own businesses. When given a chance to start or expand a business, women were consistently more afraid to take the step than men in the same position. It made me think about you. Are you having the same insecurities? We have come a long way as women, but some of these old mindsets can really trip us up.

It seems those old enemies of fear and self-doubt are still up to their dirty tricks. They continue to rob us of countless opportunities, wealth and blessings! You may be holding yourself back from a God-given opportunity based on fear or lack of confidence in yourself. If you are, I want you to do three things this week.

The first thing is to – Challenge your fear, don’t just accept it. Take it apart and examine it. See where it’s coming from. There’s probably not much there. Fear is just a big bully that will run when you stand up to it.

The second thing is to talk it out with a trusted friend or advisor. Someone who is supportive of you but will also tell you the truth. We all need a little encouragement from time to time to get going.

And the third is to take even a small step toward something you’re afraid of trying. Have you ever heard the saying, “Do something afraid?” That’s you this week :). That could be the push you need in order to break through.

Listen, I have been through all these stages and this is why I have been passionate about serving women as a mentor and coach over the past 20 plus years. I developed a simple 4- week online course called CONFIDENCE 101 that will help you overcome many of these obstacles and regain or strengthen your self -confidence.

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