What If I Told You It Was Possible To Create or Grow a Purpose-Centered Business That You Love While Achieving Financial Success, Having Time to Enjoy Your Life And Improve Relationships With Your Loved Ones.

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"For With God, Nothing Shall Be Impossible." Luke 1:37

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My Promise 

To You ... 

Up till this very moment, you may have tried many things.


You may have coached under one or more coaches.

You have bought and half-finished numerous courses and programs.

My promise to you is this is where it all ends. 


In my Purpose-Centered Coaching Program, what seemed impossible becomes possible. 


In this one-on-one setting, I will take you by the hand and show you the steps of how to cut through the fluff, become crystal clear about your goals, and position yourself, your business, or your nonprofit for success!



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My Faith In You 

How can I be so sure?


Well ... I've done it myself.


I've been the one with doubts and fears.


I've been the one to dumb myself down to make others feel important. 

I've procrastinated and made excuses. 


I've been all those things. But one thing I could not do ...


Is quit on myself!


Not because I'm so great. But because of the verse, quoted near the top of this page. 


I knew that with God, nothing is impossible!  


If I took a step of faith, I knew God would meet me there. 


He would provide everything I need to bring my God-given dreams to reality. 


Of course, He would! God gave me those dreams. 

And He always finishes what He starts! 

The same is true for you, my friend.

Your faith may be weak. But allow me to lend you some of mine! 


My Philosophy  

Okay, so please allow me to spill the beans.

The truth is that no one will make you improve your game.

No one will force you to hire a coach.

There's no rich uncle who's going to make the financial or time investment for you. 


(If you have one, he probably had a coach!)

I say that in jest, but let me just make this point:


Your Personal Growth Is Entirely Up To You ... And You Alone! 


You have to want it bad enough to take action.


You have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Les Brown says you have to be "hungry!"


Eric Thomas says you have to want to grow as much as you want to breathe! 

This is my philosophy: You have what it takes to succeed, but you can't succeed until you believe enough in yourself to invest in yourself! 



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My Style 

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There are many "coaches" in the marketplace these days.


Many truly mean well, and God bless them!


The problem is many are regurgitating things they recently learned in a class. 

I learned the hard way by overpaying a coach or two for very scanty results. 

Let me save you the headache!

The heart of my coaching is three-fold:


It's based on my core values of faith, family, integrity, and over-delivering value. 

So, I love my clients enough to dispense lots of love when needed.


But not to sugar-coat the truth they need to grow and prosper.  


Second, I don't pretend to teach anything I haven't lived.


Third, I am not faith-based in name only. My methods, approach, and insight are all driven by my faith.


My clients will all testify loudly: What you see is what you get! 



My Method 

My coaching begins with guiding you to a place of absolute clarity. 

You deserve that gift. 


One of the biggest mistakes in life, business, and even faith is plowing ahead without clear direction. 


In our time together, we will slow down the drumbeat of the urgent so that we can clearly discern your true desires, skills, and goals.


Once we are clear on what those goals are, and that they are aligned with your core values, we will design a plan to achieve them.

If your plan is to jump right away to social media strategy, branding, technology, financing your venture, or any number of matters without first gaining clarity, then ...


I may not be the coach for you. (There's that brutal honesty again!) 

I don't say that to alienate anyone. It's just that I've already been to that rodeo.

Preset agendas don't work. 

Our time together is engineered by me and my team to be a time of maximum discovery.


If you promise to roll up your sleeves, we promise not to leave any stone unturned. 



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My Invitation

May I just say it? 

You've read enough books and blog posts.


You've signed up for enough email lists.


You've been to enough workshops, online training, and seminars.

You've spoken to enough coaches, mentors, and gurus ...


But here you are. You're still in need of a coach.


Someone who's been there.


Someone who knows the ropes.


Someone with faith and values you can trust.

Someone with straight-talk, and not just a sales pitch.


So, my invitation is simple.  


Tell that negative, doubtful voice in your head that keeps talking you out of your dreams to shut up!  


You were made by an all-powerful God for a divine purpose. 


You've put this off long enough. It's time to prioritize yourself and your future. 

Click the big yellow button and let's get this started! 



My Guarantee 

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My guarantee is life-change, plain, and simple. 

You can't get a different result by doing the same things.

For you to obtain the break-throughs you want, you must change something you're doing.

The yellow button will take you to see a ton more info about me. 

And that's well and good, but I'm living my dreams. 

Isn't it your turn? 

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 "I'd much rather live with the knowledge that I tried and fell short, than with the regret of shrinking back from my dreams."  

~ Sharon Gill


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