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Yourself & Your Team

IN 2022!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4.3 million Americans (or 2.9% of the American workforce) quit their jobs in August 2021! 

According to CNBC, more than half of U.S. workers surveyed claim they intend to look for a new job in 2022.

If you are a CEO, C-Suite executive, manager, or small business owner with a team, this has a MASSIVE impact on the future of your company. 

Already, we've seen companies react with a variety of responses, stemming from outright panic to anger.

Others have decided to go on as if nothing happened. 

Panic, anger, or avoidance is not a strategy. 

Instead, we invite you to meet this challenge head-on by leveling up with Sharon Gill International! 


Let's face it, leaders ...

Yesterday's workplace is a thing of the past.

56% of the workers mentioned above stated that adjustable hours and remote work alternatives are a priority. 

Leaders will have to embrace this "New Normal" in leading teams or they will be unable to vie for the best talent.  

Who will win the future?

Those who are prepared to lead it. We would love to share our top strategies for 2022 with you and your team!  

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What We'll Cover

  • How to impact your business or company's bottom line by learning the workforce trends for 2022 and how to implement changes now. 

  • How to effectively and compassionately help your teams to make the necessary mindset shifts necessary to thrive in the new hybrid workplace.

  • How to reevaluate and improve team communication channels and practices.

  • How to redefine and reenergize the role of management in creating a thriving work environment. 

  • How to create a cohesive team culture that includes remote and hybrid working scenarios. 

  •  How to reengage your teams on the core mission, vision, and values of your company or organization.

  • How to turn your team members into fully engaged leaders. 

Your Benefits 

  • Gain Clarity - Understand the forces shaping your company or organization for the near future.

  • Be Proactive - Take decisive action to prepare your team to win. 

  • Obtain Competitive Advantages - Be months ahead of your competitors. 

  • Grow Your Business - Deepen your relationships with your customers as you strengthen your internal team.

  • Establish Leadership - Lead your industry by embracing the future of work and not clinging to the past.  

  • Reenergize Yourself & Your Team - Renew and awaken your personal passion and your team's commitment to excellence. 

  • Learn New Frameworks - It is clear that old solutions won't solve new challenges.  Obtain new systems of change for your team.  


Who Is Sharon Gill? 

For those new to my world, I wish you a very warm welcome! My name is Sharon, and I'm so glad to share this moment with you.

I am a master business and leadership coach. You may access my full biography by clicking this link. 

I've had the pleasure of building several successful businesses and organizations.  

My team and I have created over 100,000 followers in communities I coach on platforms such as Linked In.  Purpose Centered leadership & Entrepreneurship is one such thriving community of leaders run by our team. 

My passion is to help you maximize your leadership potential through cost-effective training and coaching. 

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Some Leadership Nuggets  

What Is The Great Resignation? 

In this video, I discuss with my audience the implications of what is being called "The Great Resignation."

Leaders must come to grips with the mass exodus of workers from their jobs in 2021 and its implications for their companies and organizations! 

How Do You Build Team Morale & Culture? 

Leaders and managers often underestimate the power of team morale and culture. 

Watch me and my guest as we offer some innovative solutions for cranking up your staff or team morale!  

What Others Are Saying! 

Grey Limbo
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Sharon’s workshop exceeded The Office of Diversity in Business Practices expectations, and our expectations were high. All the participants learned actionable steps to improve their business and health, we welcome having her back!

Dicky Sykes,

Director of Diversity

Palm Beach School District

Thaddeus .jpg

I have worked over the past two+ years with Sharon Gill as she’s been leading our staff development efforts.

I have seen Sharon’s expertise and wisdom in countless situations. I highly recommend Sharon Gill as an excellent and professional development coach!

Thaddeus Fennig,

Senior Pastor

704 Church

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When COVID hit, I saw coaching as a tool to make sure that my team was OK. I hired Sharon for each team member in my company in addition to having her as my personal coach. it has been the best investment I have made!


Megan Van Petten,

Founder/Managing Partner

Esports Trade Assn

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