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Is Purpose 


According to Jeff Weiner, Executive Chairman of Linkedin, soft skills such as purpose, empathy, and emotional intelligence are underutilized in business.  


Leadership, communication, and team-building skills. are vital to organizational success in the twenty-first century.  

This requires bold leadership! Top-down leadership is outdated, Servant leadership is a good start but doesn't go far enough. 

Tomorrow's business environment calls for purpose-centered leadership.


Customers and employees now demand that companies demonstrate purpose as well as profit at their operational core.


Data verifies that purpose-centered companies:

  • Outperform their markets

  • Motivate & Retain Top Talent

  • Dominate in Customer Loyalty

  • Will own the future

There's no longer a debate as to the power, effectiveness, and need for purpose-centered organizations. 

The only question is: How do you get there?


Our team's mission is to help you and your team to do exactly that!  



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Our Why 

We exist to help your organization and its leaders adopt a higher purpose mindset and culture. We believe that when leaders and organizations embrace a purpose that goes beyond profits, and espouse the well-being of their communities, both the organization and its leaders will experience deeper connections with their constituents, and create a culture where the team, the customers and the community wins.

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Our How 

We utilize interactive, participatory and lecture training environments (virtual and in-person) to ensure concept retention.


In addition, we conduct pre and post training assessments in measuring effective implementation and outcomes.

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Our What 

We coach, train and teach your leaders how to embrace a purpose centered leadership mindset, with special emphasis on developing organizational culture and incorporating the organization's core values. We give your leaders the tools to help reinforce effective purpose centered leadership behavior.

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Our Clients 

Our clients range from small to large corporations, start-ups, nonprofits and ministries. Our training is customized to meet your specific needs and pain points. We create follow-up plans to ensure that the training yields a transformative effect on both the individuals and the organization. As  a result of our training, your organization will experience increased productivity, better employee job satisfaction and measurable growth.

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What You Do Next 

Determines The Future 

The future always belongs to visionary leaders. 


Because it takes courage to step away from the status quo.


To walk toward an unseen yet preferred future.


Our Purpose-Centered Leadership Program is designed to awaken the spirit of visionary leadership across all levels of your organization. 

Leadership is not a position, nor is it a title. 


Therefore, everyone in your organization must be taught to lead with conviction, skill, and purpose! 

Your clients (and your potential clients) are already there.


They are clamoring to invest in and support organizations with a purpose-centered DNA.  


It won't be enough to simply nod to "community service" or other such buzzwords.


The world is waiting to applaud companies with true commitments to make their communities a better place to live.  


We invite you to embrace this change. Ride the wave! 

Your stand on this topic today will define our collective tomorrow. 



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Motivate your team with classroom style training. We provide interactive content designed to create maximum participation, and to challenge your participants to push through to their next levels. 

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Virtual training environments are also available, done in the same interactive style to keep your participants engaged, including polls, quizzes and virtual breakout sessions!


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Lila Smith

CEO, #saythingsbetter

"Leaders who really want the edge should work with Sharon Gill. She’ll help you define success, to name your actions, and to be accountable to your own highest vision for life. I’m available for direct questions if you have any; just reach out via DM or email. Happy to rave about Sharon anytime!"