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You Can't Do It All Yourself. 

Launching a business or a nonprofit organization has several moving parts. There are pressing issues such as assembing your financing, setting business goals, and executing your strategy. These are the things that only YOU can do. Let us take care of your organizational setup. Quickly and cost-effectively! 

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Why Our Team? 

Over the years, our team has worked with scores of entrepreneurs, business owners, nonprofit founders and executives just like you.


We've helped them to launch their business or charitable organizations, qualify for 501(c)(3) federal tax exemptions, and to level-up their organizations through training and coaching.


We understand you because we are also entrepreneurs and founders. We've been through similar challenges, and we specialize in helping you to clear space so that you can thrive in what's important to you!     

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Set up your small business or Subchapter-S corporation in any state, simply and easily. Click the button below and let's make it happen! 

Form your nonprofit corporation in any state, and quickly  apply for your 501(c)(3) federal tax exemption. Click below to get started now!


Start your limited liability company (LLC) in any state. Click the button below to file your articles of organization right away!



Do I need a corporation or LLC to conduct a business? 

The short answer is no. But there are many businesses that operate without being a corporation or an LLC. However, if you are operating this way or considering operating your business this way, we suggest seeing a lawyer as personal liabilities may possibly flow from your business activities. 

Should I form a corporation or an LLC? 

This depends on the aims of your company. Generally speaking, if you intend to issue stock in your company, you will need a corporation. Please consult an attorney for a better understanding of your choices. 

Am I considered a separate legal entity from my corporation or LLC?


​ The law presumes you are. Your corporation or LLC has a separate legal identity than your personal one and should be treated by you as such. However, that legal separation can be eroded by your actions and so it is best to seek legal advice about how to protect yourself from that ever happening. 


Can I own my nonprofit corporation?


​ No. A nonprofit corporation cannot issue stock, and it cannot be privately owned. It is operated by its Board of Directors for the benefit of the public. It can earn money and pay salaries, but it cannot be owned by individuals (even founders). 

Do I need a 501(c)(3) exemption for my nonprofit corporation to start accepting donations?

No, A nonprofit corporation can receive charitable donations for its cause at any time. However, the nonprofit will not be able to advertise or use the benefits of a 501(c)(3) designation until an exemption is filed and approved by the federal government. It should also review state law requirements. 

About Wayne

Hey there! I'm Wayne, the CEO of Sharon Gill, International. 

I am also an entrepreneur, business coach, and a business lawyer. You may access my full biography by clicking this link. 

I am not offering legal advice here, but I've had the distinct pleasure of building a law firm from scratch, taking it through a large acquisition, and reacquiring it before turning my attention full-time to business coaching.

As an entrepreneur and a lawyer, I know the challenges of business or nonprofit building. 

You've got big objectives and goals in front of you. Let us handle the backend details of setting up your organization. 

We're also here for further discussion about your long-term goals when you're ready! 

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A Few Testimonials 

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Louis Huynh

Director, Tech Enablement

Rogers Benefit Group

"It's a rare blessing to come across such an ethical, knowledgeable, and high-quality individual like Wayne. A couple of years ago, I needed solid business advice and legal services. I was lucky enough to discover that Wayne provided exactly what I was looking for. I enrolled in his services, recognized immediate value and today, I am fortunate to know I have someone in my corner I can trust. You'd be remiss if you aren't strongly considering Wayne to help you with business strategy, legal needs, mentorship, or general life advice - Wayne is simply one of the best people I know.