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Hey Friend!

Can I interest you in a cup of coffee and some conversation?  That's what we're up to every Friday morning at 9:00 am, EST to pray, grow in faith, and inspire each other! 


Please join me, and our tribe of fired-up business leaders and professionals, as we support each other's journeys in life, work and faith!    

"These challenging times require  that more than ever,
we must come together as a community." ~
Sharon Gill

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know my faith is the foundation of all that I do.


I suspect that you are reading this because your faith is important to you too.

During the pandemic I had the opportunity to host five Bible study circles and I was greatly encouraged by the life changing impact they had on both me and the students.

As I sat in prayer one morning, I knew God wanted me to create a community that would allow people, especially those in the business community, to embrace and grow in their faith. 


What's The Difference?

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You may ask what is the difference between this community and a regular Facebook group that talks about God or faith?

It’s simply this. I have found that people who make an investment stick to it.

We will discuss themes from books, such as the Cure for the Common Life and The Purpose Driven Life.


Themes that will help us grow and to step up to our God-given potential.  We will work together and hold each other accountable each and every week.

If that sounds like where you are right now, then click the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Young Businesswomen

When do we meet?

We will meet weekly via Zoom or teleconference for one hour on Friday mornings at 9.00 am EST.

What if I miss a meeting?

All meetings will be recorded and available for replay.

Will we be studying a book?

We will discuss themes from certain books. You will not be required to purchase the books but would be strongly encouraged for your personal growth.

Will there be a private Facebook or another group?

Not sure yet. Many people have group/social media fatigue and don’t want another commitment. I will let the community decide and vote on that as we move forward


What's the cost?

The investment is $24.99 per month, no yearly commitment required!


What Are The Benefits?  

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  • Grow Your Faith In A Friendly Group Environment 

  • Develop Friendships And Build Your Network

  • Learn New Spiritual Strategies To Help You Navigate The Challenges Of Life

  • Become Exposed To New Authors And Faith-based Training

  • Expand Your Mindset And Thought Processes

  • Learn How To Incorporate Your Faith And Business Life Naturally

  • Receive Positive Feedback and Support From Team Members 

  • Strengthen Your Confidence When Facing Obstacles

  • Build Accountability Into Your Faith Life

  • Learn How To More Effectively Communicate Your Faith


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Beth Crosby.jpg

Beth Crosby

Editor & Coach

"Sharon has empowered me through her 1:1 coaching, advice, resources, and by introducing me to other women who share the same values. Were it not for Sharon, I would be the same place today I was in before we worked together.

Lila Smith.jpg

Lila Smith

Creator, #SayThingsBetter

"Leaders who really want the edge should work with Sharon Gill. She’ll help you define success, to name your actions, and to be accountable to your own highest vision for your life. I’m available for direct questions. Happy to rave about Sharon anytime!

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Brigitte Sylvestre

Cohost, Moody Radio 

"Sharon is an amazing mentor and friend. She has the ability to see the best in people, more than they can often see in themselves, and call you to a higher version of yourself. Sharon encouraged me, challenged me, prayed for me, and refused to give up on me! Her resources have helped me climb higher in my calling and will do the same for you!