If you’re reading this page, you are probably tired of feeling stuck in life. You know that you have a voice, and you know that you have something great inside you to share with the world. But something keeps holding you back. Whether it’s fear, self-doubt, or negative mindsets, sometimes it feels like things will never change.  

You can gain the confidence you need to become unstuck. You can overcome your fears, doubts and negative mindsets. You can boldly step up to your best life.

    You can launch your own business or nonprofit organization.
    You can ask for that promotion, with confidence.
    You can embrace your unique gifting and your unique voice.
    You can stop holding yourself back.
    You can become the person that is hiding inside you.



All you’ve ever needed is a system, and someone to walk you through the steps of growing a rock solid belief in yourself.


        When you develop your self-confidence, it will feel like a breath of fresh air. You will feel powerful and self-assured. You will have the courage to step out of your shell. You will be able to reach for your goals. You will see the world and your possibilities in a whole new light.


        You are not alone, and what you are going through is common. I coach women of all backgrounds, ages and races. Some of them are highly educated. Some are not. Some are business owners. Others are professionals, or just starting out.


        No matter the background, they all share one thing in common: At one time or the other, they lacked confidence in themselves.


        I realized that we all doubt ourselves at times. We all get to a place where we feel stuck! When that happens (not if it will happen) we need tools to beat back the negativity and to become unstuck. We need a reliable system to take back our confidence.


        If not, we can spend months or even years in the same place, selling ourselves short, and not living our best lives. I didn’t want to see this happen anymore.


I designed as your roadmap:


  • To finding your inner strengths …

  • To discovering how to overcome the common obstacles to your progress …

  • To get beyond the things that keep you stuck where you are …

  • To taking back your personal power …

  • To identifying and then going after your dreams …

  • To creating an image and “brand” that you can be proud of …

  • To developing sparkly self-confidence!

The course is broken down into four Modules, with three easy-to-follow lessons. You can follow along at your own pace, and you may leave your comments and questions in our Confidence 101 Private Facebook Group.


I personally read all of your comments and I will respond to each one. Here is a breakdown of what you will receive in the modules:

Module One

Who Am I?


Lesson One – Self Evaluation

Lesson Two – Common Roadblocks

Lesson Three – Overcoming Your Roadblocks

Module Two

Knowing My Strengths


Lesson One – Discovering Your Strengths

Lesson Two – Building on Your Strengths

Lesson Three – Using Your Strengths

Module Three

Becoming Unstuck


Lesson One – Deciding What You Want

Lesson Two – Designing What You Want

Lesson Three – How To Get What You Want

Module Four

Lights, Camera, Action!


Lesson One – Dress For The New You

Lesson Two – Update Your Image

Lesson Three – Your New Confidence

You Will Also Receive:

  • My personal “Godfirmations.” – These are beautifully recorded audio voiceovers of me reciting my favorite Scriptures of encouragement and positivity


  • The “101 Ways to Motivate Yourself” ebook, chocked with brilliant ways to re-energize yourself when your confidence is challenged


  • Access to our Private Facebook Membership Group for interaction and encouragement


        If any of these lessons resonate with you then you know what you need to do. This is not about selling you a product. This is about you believing in yourself and making the investment.


        You see, until you DO something different, nothing will ever change. Until you decide that you’re tired of being held back by fears, doubts, negative things people may have said in the past or other roadblocks, you can never grow into your full potential.


        I know this to be true. I had to take these steps in order to grow my own confidence, and so I’m speaking from my experience … not just something I read in a text book.


        I could go on and on about my accomplishments. How I’ve launched a successful business and nonprofit organization. How I’ve mentored and coached many women to excellence. You can read about all of that in my bio. Here’s my point:

None of That Would have Been Possible Without the Confidence to Step up and Set Sail!

That is what I want for you today. I want you to come off the sidelines of your own life. I want you to stop being fearful. I want you to absolutely LOVE the woman you see in the mirror!


If you purchase Confidence 101, complete the exercises, and are not satisfied with your results, I will refund the purchase price. No questions asked.


        Haven’t you held back long enough? Don’t you feel that it’s time for a change? I know you do. Click the button below and let’s get started!