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Registration For This Program Has Closed. 

Our Next Cohort Begins September 1, 2022.

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Welcome To Our

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Virtual Team Meeting

Join An Intimate Group Of Virtual learners Ready To Start And Launch Their Dream Businesses In The Next 90 Days! 

The past several months have rewritten how business gets done all across the globe. 

With mass company closings, resignations, and lots of uncertainty, one thing is clear ...

There is no going back to the way things were. 

The global pandemic did not cause all these changes.

It merely sped them up!

So, we are all facing a new "normal" -- a new reality.

But within that new reality are countless opportunities. 

There has never been a better time for you to start and grow your own business. 

The coming together of inexpensive technology, remote working opportunities, and personal interconnectivity has completely leveled the business playing field.

Anyone can be a part of it, and if you've been waiting, your time is definitely now!

What's Covered?

Time is money, and you don't have either time or money to waste ...

So, we designed a 90-Day Group Coaching Program that will:

  • Cut through the fluff of drawn-out training programs;

  • Help you to narrow and choose what business to start;

  • Teach you strategies to conquer overwhelm and imposter syndromes;

  • Level-up your thinking to the mindset of an entrepreneur;

  • Share strategies on how to launch your business in 90 days;

  • Give you real-life examples, templates, and playbooks that you can use to grow your new business;

  • Show you how to create your website, logo, brand identity, and your social media presence;

  • Provide you with the tools we use to create and grow businesses as a side-hustle or on a budget;

  • Give you access to a group of fellow entrepreneurs for networking, support, and collaboration;

  • Hold your hand and coach you through the tough spots.  

All of this in a virtual learning environment, via Zoom, where all sessions will be recorded and you will have access to all recordings for the duration of the program. 

At the end of 90 days, you will walk away with your business idea formed, vetted, registered, up, and running! 

And all of this can be done from your own home on your personal computer.

All you need is a willingness to learn and a willingness to roll up your sleeves to do the assigned work. 

When you sign up, we will take care of the rest!

What Clients Say

Click The Videos Below To Hear From Some of Our Satisfied Coaching Clients

"Maximize what you do best ...

Develop the mindset of a leader & entrepreneur ...

Develop confidence ...

Conquer your schedule." 

John Davidson, Founder and CEO, Davidson Learning Company


"Overcome mindset blocks ...

Grow financially ...

Attract Ideal clients ...

Elevate your business." 

Naz De La Rosa, Owner, Believe It Life Coaching

Why Now?

Here's The Truth. Without Creating Your Own Business, You Will Always Be A Victim Of The Next Economic Crisis, Pandemic, Or Corporate Decision-Making. You Will Never Be In Charge Of Your Own Future ...

We've been where you are. More than 20 years ago, Sharon worked for a Fortune 100 corporation, and Wayne was an associate attorney at a large, corporate law firm.

We had amazing, high-paying jobs but we both began to feel a need for more freedom ...

We wanted 

  • Freedom to set our own hours for work;

  • Freedom to spend more time serving at our church;

  • Freedom to take more vacations and breaks on our own schedule, and not just whatever our bosses gave us;

  • Freedom to spend more time with our 2 pre-school aged children;

  • Freedom to take the limits off the level of income we wanted for ourselves and our family;

  • Freedom to build wealth, on our own terms;

  • Freedom to spend more time doing the things we love doing, and not just what we "had to do";

  • Freedom to be our own bosses, and to call our own shots!  

We prayed. We talked to friends and family. We prayed some more!

And then ... we jumped! 

We started our own small business---A solo law firm where Wayne was the only employee. We didn't know what we were doing. 


No one gave us a roadmap. We just knew this was what we needed to do and so, in faith, we took a leap. Wayne went first, and Sharon joined him 8 months later. 


In our first 8 months of business, we replaced about half of the combined income we made working for other companies. We knew we were on to something!


The following year (our first full year in business) we multiplied that income TEN TIMES! 

That was our turning point, and 24 years later, we've never looked back! 

We had broken through to the freedom we were looking for. We were now business owners. We could finally control our own destiny! 

We worked HARD at our business. Nothing was handed to us. But we had gained the freedom to set our own hours, work with whomever we wanted, spend extra time with our family and friends, and make the kind of income we desired.  

Our question to you is: What's stopping you from doing the same? Classes begin Thursday, September 1, 2022, at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time and will meet every Thursday at that time for 12 weeks. 

Program Overview




  • Finalize Your Business Idea

  • Vet Your Business Name And Any Legal Issues

  • Form Your Company 

  • Work On Logistics Such As Licensing And Insurance

  • Work On Creating An Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Identify Your Team

  • Secure Your Business Domain

  • Create Your Website

  • Begin Drafting Your Business Plan

  • Begin Drafting Your Sales & Marketing Plan



gET BrandED

  • Create Your Brand Identity

  • Finalize Your Website, Taglines and Logo

  • Tighten Your Vision, Values, And Mission Statements

  • Create Your Business Offers

  • Create A Social Media Strategy 

  • Create A Content Marketing Strategy

  • Create An Advertising & Promotional Strategy

  • Set Up Automations For Outreach To Customers

  • Begin To Post Targeted Content On Social Media

  • Create Relationships With Targeted Customers          




  • Pitch Your Product And Services

  • Reach Out To Business Leads

  • Develop Referral Networks

  • Network In Person Where Available

  • Tweak Your Plans, Systems, and Automations

  • Continue To Build Strategic Relationships

  • Build Community Around Your Product/Service

  • Tighten Your Sales Cycle

  • Focus on Strengthening Mind, Body & Spirit

  • Continue To Develop Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Who Needs This Now? 

This Program Is NOT For Everyone ...


The Program is not for you if you aren't serious about launching your business right now ...

Nothing we teach in this program will help you if you aren't prepared to follow our instructions, put in the work, and give it your best effort. 

This program is about YOU, and so YOU must be committed to obtaining your dream. 

We hold nothing back in the program! We will share the exact strategies, templates, scripts, and playbooks we've used to launch our businesses and land clients ranging from small-businesses to Fortune 100 and 500 corporations! 

So, you must have a burning desire to launch your company, build your brand identity, attract clients, and begin earning revenue as soon as possible. 

Without that determination on your part, you will not succeed, and we strive to work with only those who are fully committed to their own success!  


This program is for the entrepreneur who is ready to jump in, without knowing all the facts, but confident that you can do it ...


In short, you refuse to settle for less. You're ready for the freedom that comes only from determining your own destiny.


The bottom line is that we don't have to "sell you" on a program. You are already online many times a day ...

You already know that online businesses have exploded over the past decade. Small business is the backbone of the worldwide economy.


There is no "job security." The only security remaining is to launch a business of your own.


If that's you, then the only step remaining is to say, "Yes!" 

What's The Cost? 

Collectively, we've made tremendous investments in our formal and informal educations combined. 

This includes Wayne's B.A. Degree in English, Trinity College, Law Degree, George Washington University Law Center, and Executive Business Training from Northwestern University. 

Sharon's Summa Cum Laude, B.S. Degree in Organizational Leadership, Palm Beach Atlantic University, and Executive Business Training from Dartmouth College.   

We've also been licensed, certified, or trained in all facets of business startups and online business from the top trainers in the world such as ... 


  • Maria Forleo - (B-School) Graduate

  • Amy Porterfield - Courses/Webinars That Convert

  • John Maxwell Team - Leadership Development

  • Brendon Burchard - Experts Academy

  • Tony Robbins - Unlimited Power

  • Jeff Walker - Email Marketing 

  • Ramit Sethi - Zero To Launch

  • James Altuscher - Self Publishing 

  • American Writers & Artists - Copywriting Academy

  • Michael Hyatt - Platform Academy


This is only a partial list of the courses and training we've invested in to hone our business skills. 


It would take a lot more room to list all of the personal coaches, workshops, seminars, and training that we've invested in over the years. 

These investments cost tens of thousands of dollars. 

But they were all worth the investment. 

We learned something from each and every experience and we're still investing in ourselves! 


Now you can enroll in the 90-Day Group Coaching Program for a fraction of that investment, and receive the benefit of our years of training in 3 months flat!



Your investment to walk away with your business in a box is 3 payments of $500.00 or one payment of $1,500.00.

No hype. No hidden costs. Just everything you need to have your business up and running in 90 days flat. 

We look forward to seeing you on September 1, 2022.

Let's do it!