Hello there!


You are here because you are a small business owner, or someone who is looking to start a small business or nonprofit organization. You may also happen to be a woman of faith, and:

You want to live up to your potential

You want to build a business you can be proud of

You want to fulfill your life's purpose

You want to build a solid financial foundation

You want to balance your work and family life

You want to grow your faith

You want to confidently pursue your goals and dreams

You want guidance, not fluff, from someone you can trust

You want to work with someone who has done it herself!


I have spent the last 20 years of my life working with women just like you. I understand where you’re coming from, because I’ve been there myself. At 21 years old I left my home and family with $56.00 to my name.​


    The only other thing I possessed was the clothes in my bag and a determination to succeed in life. I began my journey as a nanny in New York City. I took loving care of other people’s children while I tried to find my own way.


    Through difficulties and struggles, I worked my way out of my nanny job and into a position as a trainer in a Fortune 100 corporation. Within a short period of time, I became recognized among the top 5% of all employees for my company, worldwide. I then left that corporation to start a business with my life-partner and husband, Wayne.      

Together, we grew our company from one employee into a multi-million dollar firm with too many awards and recognitions to mention. I raised a family of two children and even went back to school (a lifelong ambition) to earn my degree in leadership and organizational management at 51 years old! I graduated at the top of my class, summa cum laude, and gave the graduation commencement address.

I also started a charity with my husband that has helped thousands of disadvantaged families to regain their dignity, hope and purpose in life. The majority of our clients were women from abusive and difficult backgrounds. Through our charitable work, they were able to receive a fresh start in life. You may read up more on the work that we continue to do in the Community section of this site.

    Along the way, I’ve won numerous awards from women’s groups, business organizations and others that have honored my philanthropic work. I’ve really lived a magical (not problem free) but wonderful life. My passion is to work with women like you. I would love to show you the secrets I’ve learned on how to live the life that you desire - A life of purpose, meaning and fulfillment. Yes, it is possible to create a life that you love. You can create your life on your own terms, without compromising your values.

    I know that at times, the road seems impossible. At other times, you may feel stuck. You may feel like you’re not making any real progress on your goals. In this day and time, it’s real easy to get overwhelmed. And it’s hard to know who to trust.


  But I want you to know that you don’t have to. Too many of us give up on our dreams right before they come to pass. I want you to know that we haven’t officially met yet, but I care. Whatever your situation may be, if anything I’ve said in this letter resonates with you, I know that I can help. Remember, that I started this journey with only $56.00 and a dream.

    Please click the button below and let’s begin this journey together. I have several free resources to help you get started or you may schedule a telephone call to speak with me personally. I’d love to meet you and hear your story. 

Whatever you may choose to do, I’m so glad you came by. ​  


Lots of love and respect,